Finding The Right Catering Service For Your Event

Whether it’s a small event or a big one, food is something that your guests always look forward to. People might forget decorations, but will always remember how good or bad the food you served was. Whether you’re planning your event at home or outside, caterers are your best pick when it comes to food. Choosing the right catering service is key for a successful party and happy guests. All you need to do is map out your catering requirements and conduct a little research in order to find a good catering service. The points below will guide you in finding one that guarantees success for your event: –

Make a checklist before hiring a caterer

Before you hire a caterer, you need to plan your catering needs carefully. Therefore, you should list down all the points that you want to consider for your event, such as: –

  • The date and time of the event
  • Your event budget
  • The event location
  • The menu
  • Catering services like waiters, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Decorations like flowers, table setting, etc.

Once you have finalised all the listed points above, you will have a clear picture of your catering requirements, which means you can now start the hunt for a catering service.

Finding a Caterer

If you recently attended a party and liked the food, then you know where to go first. But if not, then it’s best to do a little research on the Internet for options. It is recommended that you don’t pick the caterer just by the look and feel of a website. Always read reviews on a website to know whether they are the right option. Another good way is to check with your friends, family members or colleagues for recommendations. Since word of mouth is often the most reliable method to find experienced caterers with past successful events, taking recommendations would guarantee you great food. Catering companies in Mumbai have some good recommendations as well.

Having an open conversation

Don’t assume that hiring a catering service is the end duty of hosting a good party. You need to make sure that the menu you have prepared is accepted by the catering service. The best way to know that is by having an open conversation with the caterers. Here are a few points to keep in mind for the conversation: –

  • Whether or not the cooking materials and utensils need to be provided to them. Providing them yourself is recommended – this way, you can be sure of the hygiene and quality of the food.
  • The size of events they have catered to in the past. Catering services Mumbai usually has experience handling all sorts of events.
  • Do they provide tasting services?
  • The per-plate cost in the two cases (when material is provided by the client, and when planners bringing on their own).

Hope these pointers help you organise a great event!

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