6 Important Tips To Improve Your Security Guard Service

When you hire a security guard service provider for the security of your home or office, you usually know what the security personnel will be like. But more often than not, things are way different than you had pictured. So, to ensure better security we have created a list of 6 important tips that can help you improve your security guard services.

Security guard providers are not like other vendors that you many hire. For instance, a plumber can look be evaluated by how your faucets and pipes are working or a car mechanic can be judged by driving your car after service. But if it is a security guard, how often one can check whether or not the personnel or the company providing it, is doing its job effectively, like background checks of the security personnel, drug screening, providing excellent training to them, etc.

Implementation of a system to verify and maintain the quality is very important to ensure that the problems related to the quality of the services do not occur. If you are looking to improve your security guard scenario, the below-mentioned tips are sure to help you out.

Regularly Check the Supervision System

Modern security systems allow the security guard service providers to supervise the guards remotely. Make sure that the service provider you choose has these advanced systems as it is usually a sign of good service. When guards know that they are being supervised, they usually give their best to the job, and this will ensure that you get the best of security. Apart from these systems, the service providers should also conduct random inspection of the guards on-field to make sure things are according to the security plan.

Check the Qualifications of Your Guards

In many of the states, the guards are required to compulsorily undergo some certifications and  training before they can be hired as a security guard. If your country or state has such requirements, make sure that the guards you hire do fulfill them. However, if there are no guard certification requirements in your country or state, you can try to know the how they are trained by the service provider. Also, make sure that the service provider does a background check on the guards as well as drug screenings before hiring them.

Security Guard Service

Evaluate the Training Provided to the Guards

In many of the cases, it is the poor training provided to the guards that lead to their unsatisfactory performance at the job. To get better quality services, try to evaluate the orientation which the company provides to the guards. Also known as customized site training, it should involve things like introducing guards to your property, providing training by experienced security professionals at your property, explanation of the post orders, safety measures to take in case of an emergency, etc. Try to be present for this orientation as it will provide you with a better idea of the quality of training provided to the guards.

Perform Random Inspections

Random inspections are also an excellent way to check whether or not the guards are doing their job effectively. For instance, if you have hired security for your office, drop in to check the security after business hours to check how the guards work when you are not present. Moreover, you can also get in touch with a 3rd party security consultant to audit the guards.

Meet the Service Provider on a Regular Basis

One of the simplest ways to improve your security guard service is to meet the security provider regularly. These meetings should not compulsorily be formal and can also be conducted on the phone. These will allow you to share your feedback about the security services with the provider. By providing them with the feedbacks on a regular basis, you will get many different opportunities to improve the security service as this will allow the provider to understand your expectations.

Carefully Choose a Security Provider

While security companies usually look the same, it is very important to choose one carefully. Make sure that you research about the company, try to contact their past and existing clients, etc. to make sure that the provider can provide services as per your expectations.

Use these points mentioned above and you are sure to improve your security guard service substantially.

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