4 Steps To Arranging An Awesome Party With PartyTots

As Kids Party Planners, we want to find out as much as we can about your upcoming party so that we can better provide you with awesome ideas for parties and activities that will get you and your guests laughing.

In planning Themed Parties for kids, it is crucial that we understand what is ‘in’ the now! What we do at PartyTots is study the local youth culture through events, kids television, kids education, and other spaces.

We hope that these tips will help you prepare to arrange the BEST PARTY EVER for your little one!

Know What Themes or Characters your Kid will LOVE

Every child has a story or a character that they love! Finding out which theme or set of characters they love will help us party planners in coming up with party entertainment and activities that they will never forget.

For example, if you have a daughter that loves Peppa the Pig, we would have a very special Fairy Crown decorating activity which is inspired straight from the series. Decor would follow the color schemes of the cartoon, making the kids feel as if they were celebrating a party with Peppa herself!

Pick the Perfect Setting to host your guests

It is important to pick a space which will accommodate both your budget and your guests 

One of the easiest places to hold a party would be in function rooms… close to home and affordable 

In case your condo does not have a function room, ask your friends to see if their buildings have function rooms for you to hold your party.

With it being rainy or sweltering hot, on any given day, having a function room is great and will help ensure that the party goes off without a hitch!

Other venue options – private restaurant/cafe spaces, outdoor parks, or hotel event spaces – will vary in cost and maximum capacity. If you need help in arranging a venue, feel free to reach out to us

Decide on a Date and Time which will work best for Everyone!

It is important to choose a date and time that works for 80 % of your invite list. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to accommodate everyone’s schedule and hold your little one’s birthday party relatively near their actual birth date.

One trick is to get a group chat going between a few of the parents you are looking to invite, and ask them which dates and times work best for them. Usually, Saturday and Sunday evenings are the best bet for high party attendance and cooler weather.

With at least one date and time set in mind, we will be able to make your party booking and plan our services accordingly 

Reach out to PartyTots to run the party activities and flow

LEAVE IT TO PartyTots TO PLAN THE REST!! From catering to decor, we have all that you need to add some jazz to your kids party in Singapore.

Our Themed Party Packages provide awesome entertainment and activity options for many celebrations. With the option to customize the party, we can coordinate special activities that will cater to your desired theme or liking.

We absolutely love planning for your little one’s special day and are so humbled to be invited to celebrate with your friends and family

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