Top Sources Of Protein That Can Help In The Muscle Building Process

Protein is considered extremely essential for building and repairing muscles. It can also help in losing weight by ensuring proper functioning of the fat burning metabolism of the body. Protein also helps in slowing down the release process of carbohydrates into the blood and hence helps to keep blood sugar levels under control. Protein is considered extremely essential for people who aim at building muscles. It is hence important to identify the various sources of protein.

Foods that provide good levels of protein

There are many types of foods that are extremely rich in protein content. Few of them include:

  1. Egg whites

Egg whites are considered excellent sources of protein and are consumed regularly by most body builders. A combination of egg whites and oatmeal is considered excellent for ensuring that the body receives the appropriate energy to keep it going throughout the day. Various types of high protein dishes may be prepared by separating the yolk and the white portion of the egg.

  1. Top round steak or London broil

Red meat is considered a good protein source. They can prove to be extremely good for people aiming to gain muscle. While purchasing London broil, it is advisable to select the ones that are of a bright red color. The ones with brownish tints tend to be stale and may be avoided.

  1. Salmon fillet

This food is rich in both unsaturated fats and protein and is hence considered good for people who have a fat deficiency. Bright orange colored salmon may be consumed regularly for a better body. For more information on protein rich foods and supplements, you may visit

  1. Chicken breast

Chicken breast has high protein content and a low fat content. This is the reason why most body builders prefer this food. While buying chicken breasts, it is important to ensure that they are pinkish in color.

  1. Sweet potatoes

In order to build muscles effectively and faster, it is important to maintain the balance of protein and carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes serve as an excellent source of carbohydrates and are hence part of a number of mass gaining plans.

Apart from the above mentioned ones, few other foods that are considered good sources of protein include:

  • Greek yogurt which is rich in protein, probiotic bacteria and calcium.
  • Cottage cheese which contains casein protein that is responsible for supplying amino acids to the muscles.
  • Milk which contains moderate quantities of fat can supply protein and the essential fats to the body.
  • The fast digesting and low calorie whey protein forms a part of most muscle building diets.
  • Pork chops supply proteins which help in the muscle building procedure.
  • Tuna is considered an excellent source of protein, Vitamin B and a number of antioxidants.
  • Halibut and octopuses are consumed by a number of body builders to ensure proper supply of protein to the body.
  • Lentils and nuts are also good sources of protein and may be consumed regularly to support the process of building muscles.

There is a wide range of natural foods that are good sources of protein. Apart from them, various types of supplements are also available that can help in the muscle building process.


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