The Turkish Bath And Its Beneficial Effects

Dating back to Roman times very practiced in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, the steam bath, commonly called Turkish bath, has become common in our country. About his soothing, purifying and regenerating.

It is a treatment that takes place in a moisture laden environment, characterized by the presence of a vapor mist from the stratified temperatures, and is between 20/25 degrees to the floor level, at 40/45 degrees at head height.

The steam that envelops the body, it dilates the pores, favoring the expulsion of toxins and cleansing the skin. With the spread of balsamic substances (pine, eucalyptus, menthol) in the humid environment, you get even more benefits to the respiratory tract.

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With the use of steam baths in the Turkish bath, the beneficial effects are achieved by inducing the body to generate two natural reactions:

  1. A) Perspiration, which is caused by high humidity and heat;
  2. B) Vasodilatation, which is caused by heat,

The elimination of liquid through sweating, favors the expulsion of toxic waste such as lactic acid, uric acid, the unwanted fats and amino acids, purifying the body and regenerating the skin tissues.

The vasodilatation, resulting in the exposure to high temperatures, together with the sweating, slow to effect the lowering of blood pressure and the raising of the heart rate. By balancing these two reactions with subsequent rapid cooling, recommended immediately after the steam room through cold showers, we get the so-called “thermal equilibrium” healthy “workout” activities for the heart and in general for the whole system of large and small arteries .

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In the Turkish bath, where the temperature exceeds 45°, it is possible to remain for at least 10-15 minutes and consequently to produce a good amount of sweat perspired

The use with a certain frequency of the Turkish bath produces, among others, also the following beneficial effects:

  • Soothes mucous membranes: moist heat and eucalyptus essences spread in the air, in fact, help to dissolve and expel the mucus;
  • Purifies and cleans the skin: the strong and prolonged sweating up the elimination of toxins.

For those who want to try the experience of steam baths, but also for those who already perform them regularly, here are some helpful tips to get more benefits:

  • Would gently cleanse the body well rubbed with olive oil soap and rinse with a tepid shower before diving into the steam, the pores of the skin will be cleaner and therefore more free to expel toxins more effectively. The skin also benefits from the contribution due to the softening, nourishing antioxidants and olive oil.
  • Make a steam bath once or twice a week; it will be enough to make the most of the beneficial effects of the thermal treatment;
  • When you feel throbbing temples is the time to end the steam room;
  • Once the steam bath, immediately makes a QUICK cold shower (thermal rebalancing through immediate exposure to cold, no harmful effects if exposure is intense but brief);
  • After a spa session where you are sweating a lot, lie down, cover up and relax, sipping an herbal tea to recover the lost fluids, for at least 20 minutes, savoring the feelings of well-being generated from the thermal baths.
  • You should avoid making the Turkish bath if you suffer from cardiovascular disease, low or high blood pressure, asthma or kidney disease. In these cases, it would be good to undergo a medical examination before resorting to this practice.

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