5 Reasons Why Companies Choose Animated Explainer Videos Over Live Action

When making an explainer video, you always have an option to either choose an animated explainer video or live action explainer videos. They all have their pros and cons and all work to improve sales for a company. However, animated explainer videos are seen as a better option over live action. Many companies prefer using animated explainer videos over live action. Here below are some of the reasons why animated videos are preferred over live action.

  1. Animated videos are watched more

Naturally, our brains associate videos with entertainment. When watching a video, you want to be reminded of the good old days watching cartoon. It is for this reason that our brains will want to watch a cartoon video because it is only associated with entertainment. This is unlike the live action explainer videos that are mostly associated with ads. Since people do not like ads, they will probably ignore live action explainer videos.

  1. Freedom to present a story how you want it

Animated explainer videos gives you the chance to present your story how you like it without limitations. It is expensive for you to present a dramatic concept using live action explainer video, thus, making animated explainer videos the best option.

  1. Good for explaining complex concepts

There are some concepts that are simply too complex or occur in abstract environment that live action videos cannot explain. This is when you need an animated explainer video to bring such concept into limelight.

  1. Animated allows you to focus on telling brand story

Animated videos do not require resources such as camera, actor, stage and lights for it to be successful. The absence of these restricting resources allows you to focus on telling the story of your brand instead of worrying about where to get the resources.

  1. Easy post-production

It is quite easier to make edits in an animated explainer video than in a live action explainer video. This makes post-production easy when you opt to use animated explainer videos.

With the above mentioned, you definitely see why it is better to use an animated explainer video than the conventional live action explainer videos.

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