Tips To Style Small Log Homes

If you believe in the saying that “good things come in small packages” you will probably love having a small log home. Think smartly and design this beautiful abode of yours into a masterpiece denoting class and elegance everywhere. Nowadays, it is a challenge that is accepted by the professionals to decorate the small log cabin homes with all the facilities that are mostly found in the big homes. Along with designing the interiors of concrete apartments and homes, the passion for furnishing small wooden homes hasdriven many creative designers to invent new ideas every time.

In this article, you will be offered a few tips to opt for space saving and stylish interiors of small log homes

Smart Customised Furnishing

Design for space saving and multipurpose furniture inside the rooms. From different magazines and blogs of the interior designers, you can get the coolest ideas for the trending home furnishing. Mostly, the designers styling small log cabins visit the place first and plan the furnishing accordingly. For example, instead of making the armoires, bookshelves or hutches wide, make the furniture tall. Whether those are built-in or freestanding, you should personalise the furniture narrow and tall to save space. Like that, you can keep several things like that by the wall even in a home of narrow carpet area.

Use Mirror Reflection

For ages, mirrors have been in homes for essential needs. It is not only kept to see your own reflection but keeping a mirror on a high wall will help to reflect light from one room to another. It is possible that in small timber frame homes, not all the rooms are equally blessed to get similar natural light. But with quite a few mirrors, it is possible to get light easily everywhere across the houses.

Color Matters

Instead of using bright and rich shades, opt for natural and light hues. Soft colors such as baby pink, sky blue, lavender, lime yellow etc helps to brighten up the interiors and definitely make the rooms look larger than they really are.


Nothing can replace the contribution of cabinets in the small log homes. Have them in kitchen, bathroom and also in the living room or by the staircase. These cabinets can be used in storing essential stuff. The TV unit must also have a cabinet that can store the DVD player, boom box, DVDs, CDs etc. get a cabinet cum center table by the sofa where you can store the magazine or can also use it as a coffee table sometimes.

Sofa cum Bed

Getting a two in one sofa cum bed can be a great space-saving option in log cabin homes. You can get one of such smart furniture directly from the store or can also place an order to customise that. If required, you can also try to store the bed in the walls to get some room around during parties.

Try such ideas in furnishing the lovely yet cozy timber frame homes as, nowadays, these tips are trending widely.

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