How To Know When It’s Time For Some Roof Work

Sometimes the signs that you need a new roof aren’t as blatant as other signs. Obviously if you have water pouring in your home on a rainy day you need a new roof. However, there are other signs that might not make you think roof leak.

Usually it’s as easy as going outside and looking at your roof, but sometimes you may have problems doing that too. Maybe you have a flat roof and no way to safely get up there to take a look at it. If this is the case, or you’re just not sure, you might want to call in some professional roofers to take a look. Otherwise, use these tips to determine if it may be time to get your roof worked on.

You’ve Noticed Leaks Indoors

A bad roof isn’t always going to cause a stream of water to come flowing into your home, and if it does you need to get it fixed immediately or you could be risking a collapsed roof. The leaks could be far less profound. It could take hours of rain before a drip even makes it through the ceiling to your floor.

You may only notice that there are water stains on ceiling tiles, but that is still a sign that water has gotten in somehow, at some point. This is something that is especially important to look into when you’re considering buying a home. If you see these telltale signs it’s important to have a roofer check the situation out.

You Have Carpenter Ants

This may be a less thought of way to determine if your roof is leaking, but if you seem to be having a lot of carpenter ants passing through your home it means they’ve made a nest in some rotting wood within your home. Rotting wood happens when wood gets wet. If you find the nest is located near your roof, like in the ceiling above an upstairs bedroom, it’s fairly likely your roof has leaked at some point.

Carpenter ants are easy to tell from most others, since they are larger black ants. If you suspect you have a nest in your home call in an exterminator to find where it is, and then you can determine the next step for dealing with the rotten wood in your home that attracted them in the first place.

You See Missing Or Lifted Shingles

If you can get a good view of your roof, some sheer signs of roof issues include missing and curling shingles. This can happen from natural aging and it can also happen because of weather conditions. If you have a bad storm with winds and find shingles on the ground you’re going to want to have your roof looked at.

Only a professional can determine the extent of damage to your roof and what needs to be done to deal with damage or leaks.

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