Wear Fragrance Judiciously For Ideal Effect

A beautiful fragrance always delight the heart. It also known to increase the confidence and create a positive impression on every person that you meet. The choice of perfume differs significantly from person to person. Every person want to augment their wardrobe or dressing table with a variety of fragrances that will suit their personality and mood. There are various cologne brands that are available that people love to adorn and add a charm to their attitude. But only a few brands have the competence to delight every heart with a wide range of scents and perfumes worldwide.


Julian Rouas Paris is one such brand which has enthralled countless customers with it variety of invigorating perfumes. This brand which was conceptualized by Julian Rouas himself has been loved for its eco friendly and natural fragrances. When a person wants the ideal effect after wearing the perfumes, the selection of the brand is often the key. Along with the brand it is also necessary to use it judiciously. There are some people who use too much perfume. The scent becomes so overwhelming that the people surrounding the person can feel nauseating. Hence, there is a definite technique which should be followed while applying these perfumes. Application of cologne appropriately will always give the best results.

So, what are the tricks? Read on.

  • It is important to spray the perfume in the dry skin rather than wet or sweaty skin. When applying, the nozzle should be at least 6 inches away.
  • When a person is using a new fragrance, it is necessary to start light. With time the skin will get comfortable and knowledgeable how to wear this perfume. Then the application area can increase.
  • There are some heat areas in the body which are prone to maximum sweating and warmth. They are chest, shoulder, underarm, inner elbow etc. It is important to apply the perfume in these areas for maximum effect.
  • People should re-spray to the areas only when required. It depends on the note of the perfume and the longevity of the scent. But it should be only applied on the second half of the day.
  • Some people walk while applying fragrance while some rub the area after application. Both the processes are wrong and make the scent weaker. When application, a person should ideally stand at a place and should avoid rubbing the area. Rubbing the area breaks the molecular bond of the perfume and it loses it charm.
  • Less is always better. Fragrance should not discovered and not to be announced. People near should be able to smell the fragrance and should not get overwhelmed by it.

When application of any fragrance, every person should remember these simple tricks which would help them to impress the surrounding people. They should use the products brought by Julian Rouas which are known for its uniqueness. This luxury french cologne line provides a variety of options to choose from. When a person judiciously selects the brand and uses it appropriately, they will always get the best results. Hence, it is the time to shift to Julian Rouas Paris and witness the change.