Setting Better Workday Goals

Having your work day mapped out, and setting goals for what you need to accomplish and when, can make your workday not only go by faster, but it can also make for a far more productive day. Setting goals should be something you do each day, and it can also be useful to set weekly and monthly goals as well.

From knowing what needs to get done, to finding the most efficient way to get it done, goal setting is about more than just writing a list. Try using something like Google calendar in your planning as well, so that you can even get alarmed reminders when a big project is due. Here are some tips to help you have a more goal oriented and productive workday.


Dedicating Time To Learning And Research

Some of your goal planning should be based around learning, even if you aren’t new to the job. Continual learning on the job, no matter what your job is, can help you stay ahead and make you an even better employee or boss. Continual learning shows your dedication to the job. Finding a mentor that has been on the job longer than you can help as well.

If you do a job that consists of research, like as a professional or freelance writer, you also want to schedule in time for research, since it can take a little while to find what you need to write an intelligent piece of work. You should be able to get a good determination of how long research might take, depending on prior knowledge of the subject matter.

Having Enough Time For Projects

If you’ve been on the same job for a while and doing basically the same projects, it’s likely that you have some idea of how long each project will take you. This can greatly help you plan your day more efficiently. If you get done early, take a little break to walk around the office, or get a drink of water.

Having a set plan for your day can ensure you get all of the things on your goal list done in a timely matter. And, nothing can ruin a successful work day faster than not getting through your list of goals.

Knowing What Needs To Get Done When

Know your deadlines before you even start writing your list of goals or penciling things into your calendar. Of course, those deadline better immediately be added to your calendar so you can double check when things are due before writing your daily goal lost and workday plan.

Work on things that are due sooner, before working on stuff that is due later. You don’t want to miss a deadline because you got engrossed in working on something that was actually due later.