Call Forwarding & Its Type: Must Know

There are many types of call forwarding which the people are not aware of. Call forwarding can be of many types like office, residential, selective etc. Before you try to set up call forwarding, please see the types of call forwarding which you would like to have. It is important to see the call forwarding types because sometimes people set call forwarding but it turns out to be something else. And they receive the call on their phone which becomes very disturbing and annoying. Also, there are some unnecessary charges which they may have to give.


People can now use call forwarding to send the calls to another phone. With call forwarding, there are many benefits like people can get a call on their or they can get a residential call on their mobile phone. In case if the person is on vacation and needs call forwarding or is on some trip and holiday then they can forward all the calls from their cell phone to the office phone or residential phone as the case may be. In case if the person is on some sort of road trip then they can send all the calls to their cell phone and in case if the person is working for both the shifts in day and night they can forward the calls to the office.

It is very important for the person to understand the methods and types of call forwarding. There is a type of call which is called unconditional call forwarding. In this type of call forwarding, the person has to use some special type of codes. After the re entering and entering, the persons are supposed to enter the number in which the call is supposed to be forwarded. After confirming the code, the number the call gets forwarded. This type of code system for forwarding calls is also known as unconditional call forwarding. When the calls shall be forwarded to another number there is a short ring.

The person who has put his or her phone on call forwarding mode can make outgoing calls even if the phone has call forwarding active. The person who has once activated the call forward mode cannot answer the same call which is being call forwarded and also the person cannot deactivate the call forward. Another form of call forwarding is selective calling.  In selective form of calling the persons have to use some different code and choose specific numbers which needs to be call forwarded. The numbers which receive the call forwarding usually rings normally. In some of the numbers which are being call forwarded are there are charges which are applied. Charges are also applicable in long distance calling.

You should know about how to forward calls. There are also methods of setting the call forwarding. The persons using this feature will have to set the call forwarding in their phone. Call forwarding method requires a button or a feature in the handset to turn it on. And incase if the person doesn’t needs the call forwarding then there is also a deactivate option.