Top Places To Hide Your Valuables

Robbery has increased within these few years a lot and it’s so important that you take security measure to store your valuable and prized possessions. Apart from securing your premises you also to need to pay attention in where you keep your money, house documents, jewelry, etc. in your home. Don’t make it an easy job for the thieves. So, we have some top security places for you to store this stuff and make it hard for the burglars to find. Take a look!

Safes for Your Home

Even though this is a common option don’t make it easy for them. When choosing a safe for your home or company make sure they are made with super quality and unbreakable for the burglars. There are many companies in your area which will provide you with this service and there are many benefits from a safe. You don’t have to worry in losing your prized possessions, your mind will be at ease and also it’s a safeguard against water and fire. There are chances when your house can catch on fire due to electricity drawbacks. So, to make sure you give an all round protection and instead of just buying a regular safe, go for fireproof and waterproof ones. You can check for good rates for fireproof safe Melbourne.


You can also get a floor safe to do this job for you. You can install them in your bedroom floor or in your study. True, that this is a common place to hide your valuables since ancient times but the point is it’s a hard job and a lot of time and energy have to be spent to get the safe out.

Bookracks as Your Hiding Places

If you want to store your valuable documents, letters and reports, an ideal place is a bookrack. Surely, robbers are not going to rummage your library to find these things because they are not good with books in the first place. So, all you have to do is fill your library with books and then store your documents inside them in a way that it’s not visible for anyone outside. Make sure you make not of the books you used for this.

Don’t use Your Bedroom as a Hiding Place

The bedroom is too common to store your jewelry and other items unless you can afford to buy them again. Otherwise, you can use places like your bathroom, kitchen and even garage. For an example what about those cabinets in your kitchen where you have used to store all your plates and glassware? In between these things you can safely wrap your jewelry and keep them there not visible to the outside. Even your cabinets under the sink in your bathroom can be an unworthy place to go finding for valuable for the thieves because time is important to them. But this place can be ideal for you.

Avoid Drawers to Store Your Valuables

This is a too obvious place and the first thing that comes to the mind of a burglar who breaks into a house. Don’t store your valuables in your bedroom or study room drawers. Instead go for places like trash cans and safes as we said above. Also you can use wall nooks and different ornaments that come like containers.