Professional Cactus Removal

Removing an unwanted cactus can be a serious job. Professional companies stock proper equipment and use careful methods to remove cacti permanently and safely. The following procedures are commonly used by the pros to ensure proper respect to what can be a dangerous undertaking.

The physical removal of a cactus is one way cacti are cleared. Suitable attire for physical removal includes thick clothing, including gloves, long pants, long-sleeved shirt, and boots. Larger cacti require a chainsaw or axe to cut the plant into more manageable pieces and cloth is handy to wrap the cactus to make it easier to handle and remove. Care is needed to recover all pieces, to prevent seeding a new cactus.

Cutting through and removing the main root completes the removal of the cactus plant. This is done with an axe or shovel, where getting under all the plant’s roots is important. Cardboard boxes are commonly used to collect the various parts of the removed plant, as bags would be too easily punctured. Removing any remaining ground debris as well as spines that found their way into clothing finishes the job. A magnifying glass and tweezers are useful tools to assist with removing spines from clothing.

Professional Cactus Removal

Chemical removal is another option professional companies use to remove cacti. Key to this method is the use of herbicides which often include picloram and are often mixed with a surfactant, to increase potency, or a dye, to track where concentrations of the mix have been sprayed. Companies must obtain a license in many areas for their legal use. As with a physical removal, thick clothing remains important, as protection from cactus spines.

Several conditions can influence how effective the herbicide can be. Cold weather or if the cactus is moist can result in the herbicide being less potent. It is also important to spray the cactus so that it becomes wet but not so much that the solution is dripping off the plant. Spraying each sides of the pads and stems will ensure successful application. Care is taken to avoid spraying desired plants, as well as water sources, nearby. Paying attention to wind conditions is important for this task.

Cacti are known to be tenacious and often a first removal may not do the job, despite best efforts to remove all visible signs of the plant. Sometimes, companies find it best to combine removal methods and follow herbicide spraying with physical removal. This added vigilance is often best to complete a difficult cactus removal task.

Successful cactus removal can be achieved safely and permanently using the proper methods, equipment, and care. Professional cactus removers rely on the physical removal method, a chemical removal method, or a combination to remove an unwanted cactus completely to satisfy their customers.

Proper equipment, including thick clothes, boots, an axe, a chainsaw, and herbicides are among their essential tools to complete this dangerous task. Respecting the job at hand and taking proper care is what the professional cactus removing companies do each day on the job.

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