The Different Types Of Injuries That Take Place During Accidents

Car accidents can happen anywhere and everywhere. Even if you are a careful driver and follow all traffic rules and regulations, this does not mean that you cannot be a victim of car accidents. God forbid, if such a situation arises, then you will need to know about the different types of accidents that can occur.

The Different Types Of Injuries That Take Place During Accidents

Understanding the Severity of the Situation

Not all accident injuries need medical attention right away. If you are lucky, then you might just get away with a minor cut, bruise or a scrape. In addition to this, you might need a vaccine for infections. Such minor accidents will get treated in a week or two with least medical intervention.

Major accidents where the victim is excessively bleeding, has lost consciousness or has difficulty breathing need medical attention right away. If you do come across such incidents in your life, then you need to keep calm and call an ambulance right away. Ensure that you do not move the victim and be with them at all times.

If the accident has occurred with you being at the wheel, and no fault of your own, then you can hire a lawyer to fight your case. If you live in Brisbane, then you might come across many car accident lawyer Brisbane agencies that offer professional and experienced people at a nominal fee.

Reasons Why Accidents Can Occur

If you are going to hire a lawyer, then you need to be prepared with enough proof to prove that you are not guilty. Some of the factors that can be useful here would be:

  • Negligence of the driver. Was he following traffic rules?
  • Was the victim wearing a seat belt?
  • Nature of the accident
  • The speed at which the vehicle was travelling
  • How the accident took place
  • Witness, if any
  • Cops present at the scene

The extent of the injuries too depends on a number of factors. These are:

  • Which side the vehicle got hit
  • Did the car have certain safety precautions such as safety bags to prevent the accident?
  • How did the victim get injured? Was it on the dashboard, windshield or the steering wheel?

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries can be of different types. Some of the most common ones that you might have come across would be fractures, head, chest and neck, spinal cord, arm and leg injuries.

Fractures can take place when the vehicle skids, and the victim has collided with a hard object. Head, chest and neck injuries can take place if the victim has strained their necks during sharp turns, and have hit their head on the door or windows of the vehicle. Chest injuries can be due to internal damage or bruising.

Spinal cord injuries can happen due to nerve damage, sometimes leading to paralysis. In such situation the victim might lose sensation in their arms, legs and back. Arm and leg injuries can be if there is any ligament tear of if there are glass pieces piercing the body.


Accidents in any form can leave a person feeling emotionally drained and devastated. Some might even require psychiatrist consulting to get them out of their traumatic experience.