How Soaking In A Hot Tub Can Benefit Your Health

Of course hot water therapy is nothing new. It dates back to the Egyptians as far back as 2000 BC when they started using hot water for easing aches and pains and promoting relaxation by placing hot stones in the water to heat it up. Nowadays however life is much easier and we can achieve the same or even better by using a hot tub or spa instead and we teamed up with Vita Spa to find out more.

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Hot tub therapy has become one of the recognised forms of treatment for many different health problems and conditions, and we still use them for treating diseases such as arthritis like the ancient Greeks did with their hot springs many many years ago.

In addition to treating existing health problems a study carried out actually shows that using a hot tub can help you to live longer. Carried out over a period of 30 years, it showed that ageing can be slowed down and cardiovascular health improved by the therapeutic properties of relaxing in warm water. Of course if you use a swim spa then these benefits will be increased by the exercise also, but even relaxing in a standard size hot tub will have many beneficial effects. Blood pressure will be reduced due to the dilation of the blood vessels which speeds up the flow of blood around the body. Stress levels can also reduced significantly by using the massage jets and weight loss can be enhanced if trying to lose weight.

Of course any health benefits will be increased if you do some basic exercises whilst in the water. Water provides resistance which can give your muscles an effective work out whilst enjoying the experience. This type of exercise is particularly suitable for those suffering from arthritis or joint problems due to the buoyancy and support provided by the water.