Mobile Apps – A Competitive Advantage For Job Seekers

In today’s times, if one asks the question “what is the most difficult thing in the entire process of getting a job?” my answer would be to find a job that one would want to apply for! Yes. Despite the huge advancements in technology, this I feel is the toughest part. We are currently living in the times of information overkill. Finding the right piece of information is like retrieving a lost pin in an ocean!

Job Seek

Today, we have the internet, and a lot many job boards that have so many job postings. Yet, it has become impossible to find the right job to apply for! A few years earlier, I was on a job hunt and was constantly hot on trail, but never close to it. It actually started with myself getting registered on numerous online job portals.

After a marathon session of filling personal details, and setting passwords, I would get a confirmation that I had been successfully registered with the so and so job portal. Immediately, I would get a mail suggesting certain jobs to apply for. Here comes the twist in the tale! If the job post is suitable to me, the geographical location is somewhere else. If the geographical location matches, the package doesn’t.

Off and on, I would find a job post that would match all my requirements! Bingo! I apply for the job. A few weeks later, after not getting any response, I call the company and what is the response I get? The robot like voice at the other end says that they have not received my resume, or that the post has already been filled!

As if having faced all this indignation was not enough, I regularly keep getting millions of mails from these job portals about how the service was, and how good my job hunt was going on! At times, I would get calls from recruiters who have seen my profile, but their questions would always be very frustrating to me. They would go on asking the obvious, the details that I have already mentioned in my profile!

After some days, I closed my account from some of the obnoxious ones, and decided to think different. Then, I came across this cool job mobile app. Actually, one of my friends suggested me to go for this. I went to Google play store, searched for job search mobile app, and downloaded one with features I liked.

This free to download app gave the power of relevant and instant job search to my Smartphone. Though it had a huge database of job postings, the thing I liked about it was that I could get notifications only for relevant jobs. This unique app let me post my resumes, apply for jobs and schedule for interviews at lightning speed.

The amazing thing about this job search app is that it is crisp, dynamic, and easy to use! I could dip into the database, apply for a job and get feedback instantly. Moreover, I was never for conventional resumes, and this app had the feature to upload my selfie video resume. This was really cool. With a small video, I could impress my employers and increase my chances of being selected.

I applied for some jobs I felt interesting, and within hours I got reply from two of them. The interview was scheduled within three days, the interview went like a breeze and I was hired.

Technology can both be intimidating and useful at the same time. The experience I had with job portals was quite a different one from this. Now, I do feel that the mobile revolution is meaningful, and can be used very well. The job search app was an eye opener for me.