Different Types Of Photovoltaic Panels – Which Is The Best Option

Looking at the ever growing demand for solar panels, numerous manufacturers have entered the market and have introduced different types of solar panels. Certainly, each one of them claims that the panels in which they deal are the best, but it is ideal to obtain some genuine information about the different types so as to select the most suitable one.

Different Types Of Photovoltaic Panels - Which Is The Best Option

Photovoltaic (PV) panels:

If you are looking forward to install solar power system to light your home, then you must consider photovoltaic (PV) panels. There are three types of PV panels available in the market. Each type has its own performance capacity and benefits. The brief detail of every type of panels given below will help you pick the most apposite one.

  • Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Cell

The solar cells of monocrystalline panels are sliced out from crystalline silicon bars. All the cells are aligned in one direction and they tend to work optimally, when they are placed in the correct angle. These panels work best for houses located in areas, where ample of sunlight is available throughout the day. These panels have a uniform black color, since they absorb the sun radiations fully.

  • Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Cell

Unlike monocrystalline panels, cells in polycrystalline panels are made using the silicon offcuts. This means, the cells are made using numerous bits of pure crystals. Now, it is not quite possible to align these individual crystals together without leaving any spaces in between. So, there are joints between them, which reduce their efficiency.

However, there is a benefit in misalignment too. The cell works better even if there is no appropriate orientation and tilt maintained, because it absorbs light from all the corners.

  • Amorphous Photovoltaic Cell

This type of cells is manufactured by putting a thin film of non crystalline silicon on a wide range of surfaces. This type of solar cells are the least efficient one and of course less expensive too. These cells are pretty flexible owning to their amorphous nature and thus, the whole solar panel is flexible.

Different physical configuration of different solar panels

Besides the make and capacity, the physical configuration of the panels is equally important.

Rectangular: This is the most common type of panel. They are aluminum framed combination of individual cells.

Triangular: This type of cell can best match with the shape of your roof as well as offer a decent, pleasing and symmetrical appearance.

Integrated: This type can be installed directly over a tilted roof. Since they are easy to install, you can get them integrated on your existing roof and no other provision are needed.

Flexible: These types of panels are actually a big role of tape. They are easy to install on flat roofs, but keep in mind that they will take a lot of space. Also, they are not as efficient as expected.

So, this guide will help you understand the different types of PV panels and thus, make the right decision. All you need to do now is find Orange County solar panel provider, which offers good price, necessary warranty and guarantee and dependable after sales services.