Cloud Based Solutions For Efficient Communication & Collaboration Of Software Developers

Software developers are at the cutting edge of the latest in IT technology. Their job covers both aspects of the hardware and software part and running successful projects means coordinating with a large number of other professionals and clients. You have to take the best steps and employ the best systems to drive your projects to successful completion. The growing diversity in software technology, tools and models further makes processes complicated at both individual and organizational level. Modern technology is the key to handle your projects more efficiently while communicating more effectively with all the stakeholders.

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Cloud Technology: Strengthening Software Developers Worldwide

The cloud technology has revamped the way we used to do everything across the IT arena. Using the latest cloud solutions, your software development business can flourish in terms of productivity and efficiency, while saving you tons of cash. In this article you will learn about the best cloud solutions available for software developers. Explore their benefits and how they can help in your projects and business.

Hosted SharePoint: SharePoint is a cloud based service that is just the perfect system for software developers. You need to collaborate with other software professionals, communicate with all the stakeholders including your clients and share files and much more. Hosted SharePoint can help you do all this without the need to make big investments. The cloud is bigger than anything else and is yet affordable.

The SharePoint service enables software developers to put up their own full-fledged website in a few minutes. You will be able to store and share information from this single point of contact and connect with the world. You could develop different types of wastes using this service – intranet, extranet, public-facing sites, or even personal sites without the need to bear any costs. Share documents, files or communicate with your team. Collaboration is almost 50% of a software professional’s part of job, and such a site can make it extremely easy to communicate with all the team members.

Benefits of Hosted SharePoint

A major advantage of using the Hosted SharePoint service is that it will free you from the limitations of your desktop. You could be anywhere, but you will be able to view, share and edit all your files which are stored on the cloud. So even when you are sitting near the client and discussing the project details, you could edit the file located at a central location and collaborate with your team member who is sitting back office.

Another advantage of using the SharePoint website is that it is compatible with all the operating systems and devices used today. It doesn’t matter if your team is located at different locations with Macs, Windows, iOS, Android or BlackBerry devices. All of them can have access and your projects will never be affected.

With this cloud based solution there is no need to worry about having your team working together from any location and at any time (all without any cost). Visit for more information about this solution.

Virtual Cloud Desktop: There are 2 very clear advantages of using the virtual desktop. It helps in improving your productivity in a team-based environment. It will also help in minimizing your overhead costs. This virtual desktop service will allow you and you team to access the virtual desktop from any location and on any device. This will give your team and you total freedom of where and how you want to work. Higher efficiency will further give a boost to your overall performance. You will be able to complete more projects in the same time as you used to do in the past.

You will never have to worry about loss of data and files because of any emergency situations. Your data will be backed up daily and be protected under multiple layers of security.

Virtual Cloud Desktop from Apps4Rent offers you and your team access to all your applications, including your emails from the same place. These applications can be accessed simply over a browser or Remote Data Protocol. They are available with appropriate client across all the various types of devices that may have any OS.

You can have access from any location in the world on any device. The cloud based solution will also give you and your team access to the local resources like printers remotely. It is also possible to control the access permission for different uses. There is 24 by 7 customer support available to address any kinds of queries. Visit to get more information about this cloud based application.