Know If You Will Lose Your License or Not If Caught For A DUI Case

Facing a DUI charge is probably the last thing you would want to do in your life. DUI can certainly bring a lot of trouble in your life. Just image what if you are a person making living using your car or vehicle, or someone who uses his car to get to the job? In such cases, if you get caught for DUI case, your license would be at stake and you would surely not want to lose your license at any cost.

Know If You Will Lose Your License or Not If Caught For A DUI Case

The bitter truth is that a DUI charges against you can be troublesome in countless ways. Therefore, if that happens, it becomes important for you to hire the best DUI lawyer Los Angeles to defend you. However, before you do that, here are few things that you need to know about, especially when your license is at stake in a DUI case:

  • Your license can be postponed for up to 6 months if you have been arrested for a Dui charges for the first time
  • You may be required to attend a DUI school, in order to get your license recalled
  • Your Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC can greatly affect the intensity of the punishment
  • If you BAC is high during DUI case then your license may get suspended for longer period of time, even if you are a first time offender
  • If BAC is high then you may have to spend longer period of time at a DUI school
  • If there was a minor present in the vehicle then you may have to face even more penalties

Why should you be hiring a good DUI lawyer in Los Angeles?

There are many reasons to hire a good lawyer in Los Angeles. The most important reason is to save your license from suspension. When you are caught by the officer, the first thing he will do is take away your license. Only a skilled DUI attorney can save your license from suspension in a DUI case. If you fail to save your license then remember that suspension can be kept for more than 10 years.

You certainly can’t afford that. Therefore, the best you can do is hiring a DUI lawyer as soon as possible for an expert defence.

How can you search for a good lawyer?

Once you have decided to hire a DUI lawyer, searching for one would not be much difficult. You can search for a lawyer in your area online. It is important that you hire a lawyer nearby your area, so that the communication between you and him becomes easier. You can even ask your friends or relatives if they know any lawyer. They will be able to recommend you a skilled lawyer if they have had hired any in the past.

The best part about asking your friends and relatives about the lawyer is that you can easily trust them. If you choose one based on the recommendation then chances of ending up with an unprofessional lawyer would be very little. This is important especially when there are many fake lawyers in the market just to make money.