5 Most Popular Types Of Tea

For most us tea is the starter for the day. Facts prove that tea is the second most consumed drink after our valuable water. Tea is one refreshing drink that prepares you for the day and energizes you with its various flavours. Tea remains a very important beverage in our lives. Many people are even addicted to this beverage. Other than pleasing our taste buds and rejuvenating us, tea also has many medicinal benefits. However if you are not really a tea person and yet want to savour the brilliance of its taste then it is important that know the popular types of it. Here are the 5 most popular types of tea that you can enjoy:

1. Green Tea:

Green tea is tea in its purest form. It is has more refined a flavour than other teas. Its leaves are treated under excessive heat to stop further fermentation. It has amazing antioxidants that can cure the cardio and cancer diseases. One cup of green tea can benefit in lowering the risk of heart diseases by 10-12%.

2. Black Tea:

Black tea is the most common variety of tea. It is also the most consumed variety. Its production process is slightly different as it involves rolling up, fermentation, drying and then finally crushing. It is bitter in taste and contains a lot of caffeine. Assam tea in India is a variety of black tea. It is best for lowering the cholesterol levels.

3. Oolong tea:

Oolong tea is very much similar to the black tea but is fermented for a shorter period. It is richer in taste. It does not contain a lot of caffeine and is known for its fat reducing quality. It is studied that it is majorly consumed by women to cut down the fat percentage in their bodies.

4. White tea:

White tea is a very healthy tea. Its leaves are plucked right when they are young and delicate. This gives the tea an amazing flavour. The flavour is milder than many other teas and contains very less caffeine. It is best to consume this in a non-tea bag form. It also has many health benefits like the other teas. It helps in reducing cardiovascular diseases.

5. Herbal tea:

Herbal tea is an amalgamation of various dry fruits, herbs and flowers. It is caffeine free and mostly consumed to reduce weight. It lowers the rate of hypertension and is also beneficial in stomach problems. It is mild in taste and has a pleasing aroma.

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