Turn Any Night Into A Special Occasion by Hiring A Limo

There may be occasions when you just don’t want to drive you and your friends for an evening out on the town. Instead of being stuck as the designated driver, you may want to join in on the festivities and have fun. Rather than risk someone being pulled over for drunk driving, you can hire a limo to take your party out for the evening.


Reasons to Hire a Limo

While most people hire a limo for weddings, school balls, or other special occasions, you should consider hiring a limo for group outings. By hiring a limo, you are guaranteed to have a sober driver, so you don’t have to worry about being pulled over for drunk driving. In addition, many limo companies offer party limousines or buses, so you can start your night off right away when you are seated.

Wine Tours

The general purpose of going on a wine tour is to taste different wines and find new favourites. However, if you are driving on the tour, you cannot really do too much tasting because you don’t want to get tipsy and be behind the wheel of a car. By hiring a limo, you and a group of friends can take a tour of the wineries in your region of Australia without having to appoint someone to drive. Everyone in your group will fit into a limo comfortably, and you can have fun on the tour without worrying about any negative consequences.

Kids Parties

Okay, so you may not be drinking on this occasion, but you still may not want to be in charge of driving a group of kids to a party. Instead, you can hire a vehicle from a company like Hummer City Limousine that offers custom limousines especially for kids’ parties. The group of kids can sit back and watch the latest music videos on TV, enjoy complimentary drinks, and enjoy riding in style like they are celebrities.

Group Events

It is always more fun to attend a concert or a sporting event with your friends, but you usually don’t meet up with them until you get to the event. Instead of taking separate vehicles, hire a limousine to take everyone to the concert, rugby match, or movie night in style. You can meet up at someone’s house and ride together as a group and have a drink to get your night started.


Celebrate your grandparents’ or parents’ special anniversary by hiring a limousine to take them out for a special evening. You can go as a group to dinner or you can hire a limo to pick up the couple so they can enjoy the evening alone. If they are an older couple that no longer drives, this is a great way for them to get out for the evening to go to dinner and maybe dancing afterwards.

You can make any event a special occasion by hiring a limo for you and your group and no one has to be responsible for driving.