Upgrade Hard Drive with Disk Cloning Software

It’s Free Disk Cloning software that is used to Upgrade Hard Drive. If you are about to upgrade your old hard drive and want to install a new one with bigger data storage capacity, or you are upgrading operating system to a new one for your PC. Then this is the software that you will going to need, as this software will let you easily clone your hard drive. You can make an exact and identical copy of the exiting hard drive with the use of this software. This software is so incredible that it can let you safely upgrade your existing operating system without boot failure.

We know that how painful is it to upgrade your system and reinstalling the softwares again and again, its time taking as well. Now you can simply upgrade your OS and that too without the need of installing software individually. Simply clone your harddisk because you simply can’t just copy and paste the OS as it will fail to boot. Here comes the need of this software. TODO Backup free is a hard drive cloning software and probably the best one for the task.

Some of the key features of EaseUS TODO backup are:-

  • This Backup software is free and reliable and it can be called as backup & disaster recovery software for your use.
  • Easy to install with the sleek and simple UI. Intuitive interface is designed to guide you step-by-step.
  • One stop solution for backup, disk clone, SSD migration & restoring the data.
  • Microsoft-compatible and support all versions.
  • This

Here is a step by step guide to clone/copy your hard disk drive with this free disk cloning software.

  1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and hit Clone.
  2. Select the disk which you want to clone.
  3. Now select the destination disk where you want to create the clone as you will need to save it somewhere. Sector by sector clone feature enables you to create clone of all the sectors from the selected source disk to your destination disk.
  4. Now Preview the disk layout once after cloning.
  5. Click clone in order to start the process.

Some points to keep in mind to get the best results out of it.

  1. If source disk has the system partition, then you will need to shut down the system after the clone.
  2. You will need to remove the cloned disk before booting the system, as without removing another disk computer will fail to boot.
  3. If you are looking to boot from the destination disk, we strongly recommend replacingyour source disk with another destination disk.
  4. If the computer is failing to boot from the installed destination disk drive after the clone, then try to clone the source disk to other destination drive.
  5. If you want to clone any hidden partition, then the cloned partition will unhide.


Cloning a hard disk is the best way to retain your OS and installed applications. And TODO backup free is the best software to achieve the task. If you are looking to upgrade or change your OS or Hard Disk then you should give it a try.