Elements Required For Boosting The Confidence Of An English Teacher

Being a language teacher you can understand how difficult it gets at times to grab attention of the students. You need a lot of confidence to be a good English teacher. Unfortunately, confidence doesn’t come so easily especially when you have just started a career in teaching. There are many things, which you can do to give a boost to your teaching confidence.

Analyze your strengths

You are one person, who knows the best and most about you. So, take out time to analyze your strength. Think about the abilities you have, what you can do best and list down. Think if your grammar is good or you need to improve your communication skills. Analyze if you need more learning on English subject.

If you feel there is a requirement for new learning then you can enroll for online TESOL certification. This certificate will allow you to be an effective teacher without a degree but with very good knowledge on the subject.

Give a pattern to your teaching

Learning is an ongoing process. Few students learn fast while few students take time to learn new things. Once you have taken couple of classes, you can analyze the learning skills of your students. Then, you can make a pattern for teaching.

Means decide on a syllabus and break it down for each day. Don’t try to pour everything on students at once. Of course, they will find it difficult to learn this way.

Ask for feedback from students

This is probably the best thing you can do to feel confident about teaching. After the class ask your students to fill feedback and make sure you are not asking them to fill their names in the form. Students hesitate to give feedback with their names listed on the form and they don’t give genuine feedback. Once you have the feedback, you can analyze how effectively you are teaching the students.

Stay away from negative people

You will always find those negative teachers in the school, who just has to complain about the school’s authority than focusing on their job. Stay away from such companies as human mind gets carried away easily. Stay with positive people who can talk good about work and give confidence to you as well.

Practice makes you perfect

More you teach more you will feel confident about your teaching skills. Therefore, teach as much as you can. Experience does count when it comes to boosting confidence in a teacher. Therefore, gain more experience. You can teach at school, personal tuition, or take coaching classes.

Celebrate your student’s success

Major credit of a student’s success goes to his teacher. If your student has achieved something, it is somewhere because of you. Therefore, give a pat on your back for your good work and celebrate with your student. This will bring more confidence in you and you will surely want to do even better in your teaching career. You will be focused to teach even better and make other students also achieve something great.