Audience Response Systems: The Key To Success!

There is no doubt that some lectures, business meetings, or really any gathering where there is a lot of talking can be less than engaging. Speakers have to have a knack for catching and holding an audience’s attention, which is not always an easy thing to do. Some resort to pictorial aides, while others will use some sort of projection to keep things lively, but there is always going to be a few who let their attention wander. That is why audience response systems products and software are such an amazing idea!

Audience Response System

It is a fact that an audience will pay more attention to a program or lecture if they are required to answer questions during the program or at the end of it. In some cases, it becomes almost a challenge, even if there is no “prize” at the end for getting the answers right. There is no better way to keep all of a meeting’s participants engaged than to have them offer their own input or opinions to the subjects the speaker feels are important. With the right interactive system in place, a speaker is able to pre-program a series of questions into the system and have the audience answer them as the meeting progresses, usually using a clicker that is given to each audience member.

Of course, the hardware needs software to work, so an audience response system can be ab investment, not only of time but of money. The benefits of having such a resource far outweigh the initial cost of acquiring it, and it will more than pay for itself with the valuable intelligence that can be gained. Not only are there many different styles of keypads, there are many different styles of software to operate them.

Whether making a PowerPoint Presentation, or simply using a slide program to engage a perhaps reluctant audience, there are audience response applications and software programs available that will make any presentation interactive. From games of trivia to voting, no meeting will fall short with hardware and software bundles available in such wide variety. The possibilities for increased productivity in all types of meetings are endless.

Some companies even have applications available for smartphones, making additional hardware purchases unnecessary. More convenient than sorting through ballots or stacks of questionnaires, the available software immediately counts and categorizes. Not only does the software do all the counting, it will sort and file all the data into specified locations, making all the data gathered immediately available to all concerned parties.

As many presenters and speakers know, participants can be fickle and their attention will last only as long as their interest. Incorporating an efficient polling system to an existing program or even building an entirely new program based on the software that is available can only make a bigger and better impact on the whole. There simply is no downside to having an audience response system that fits the needs of your company or business. The increased productivity alone would make the initial start up expense negligible, and ongoing maintenance would hardly be an issue once profits increased. Making the most of having every participant’s input will be the greatest benefit, and will make every participant feel that their input counts.

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