Walk In Tile Showers Are Beautiful And Popular

There’s a lot of choices to be made when designing your new home. From floor to ceiling, there are a seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to adding your own personal touches. However, there is often one room in the house that often gets overlooked, the bathroom. Believe it or not, the bathroom has a lot of potential for decoration and design. Walk in tile showers are both beautiful as well as a popular choice for bathrooms in homes both new and old.

Walk In Tile Showers Are Beautiful And Popular

Bringing the Room Together

There are few things more therapeutic after a long day than a nice hot shower. There’s something serene about stepping into a walk in shower and letting the water wash away the troubles of the day. Most people don’t realize just how much time they spend bathing, which is all the more reason to add a little decorative flair to the shower.

Most bath outfitters will slap a vinyl coating over the shower which might be a quick and convenient solution, lacks any sort of style or panache that comes with tile. Tile patterns can be incorporated in your shower as well as other parts of the bathroom, such as the sink area, and can really help bring the room together. There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful bathroom and the eyesore of a plain, white, and ultimately boring shower.

Wash Away the Stain

The other issue with a white shower, one that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, is how much of a pain it can be to clean. Your shower sees a lot of abuse throughout the year, and depending on your profession, is prone to staining from use. The shower casings most bath outfitters use can quickly become stained with dirt from day to day use.

Unfortunately, when it comes to cleaning your choices are elbow grease and often some harsh chemicals. Tile affords you some extra leeway in this regard. Creative use of darker colored tiles means staining is less of an issue than it is in a white shower. Ceramic tiles are also easy to clean, requiring significantly less time scrubbing and treating.

DIY Fun for Puzzle Lovers

Tiles showers can be a fun do it yourself project, especially for people who enjoy patterns and puzzles. Sometimes a little creative problem solving can be required to make sure that the pattern is maintained throughout the shower. Once you get the hang of setting tile, the only limitation is your imagination. Whether you’re doing a simple decorative pattern or designing your own mosaic masterpiece, the choice is yours.

Incorporating tile into your walk in shower is an easy way to make your home beautiful as well as adding a certain “Wow” factor for your guests. Whether you decide to do it yourself, or have the tile installed by a professional, tile showers give you more possibility than ever before when it comes to custom building a new home. Don’t let yourself be trapped by the boring and mundane, your home is just that, yours, so let your imagination soar and take the chance to create something special in your home.

+Ken Uhrich likes houses. In fact he lives in one. You can drop him a line at the Custom Home Group website.