CAT Preparation

Byju’s classes in one of the best coaching centers for CAT preparation across the country. In Byju’s classes all the classes are conducted by Byju and Santhosh. Byju Raveendran takes the Quants, Data interpretation and Logical reasoning classes. Santhosh PN takes all the Verbal classes. Byju Raveendran is a serial CAT topper and is famed to be the best CAT trainer in India. Santhosh PN is a verbal expert and a GMAT Topper. He is a graduate from ISB Hyderabad.

There are a lot of institutions that provide CAT coaching across the country. You will be wondering why should you be going to Byju’s classes and not select any of the other institutions. There are a lot of reasons to that. In any other coaching institution there are a lot of teachers who keep changing constantly. Yet in Byju’s classes the teachers are constant as they are Byju and Santhosh themselves. Teachers are extremely important when you want to prepare for CAT. To crack the CAT you need to have a planned practice schedule and also need expert guidance. In such a case quality of the preparation and coaching matters a lot. Since all the classes at Byju’s classes are done specially by Byju and Santhosh there is no compromise on the quality of the coaching and guidance that will be provided to you.

If you have gone through the CAT exam pattern then you will know that there are many questions and you need to complete all the questions in very little time. But most of the CAT coaching institutions that are there have materials that are going on for years and they do not differentiate content based on time. But the material that is provided to you by Byju’s classes has a lot of tips and tricks that help you to save time when you are solving any question. All these tips and tricks are provided by their experienced trainers. Not only that but when you join Byju’s classes they also provide you with a Samsung Tab. This tab has all their classroom videos already loaded into it. This is so that you can access all these videos at any time and from any place. All these videos complete the entire syllabus that is needed for CAT.

To crack the CAT not only do you need expert guidance but you also need materials for self study so that you can practice at your own time. Most institutes provide you with coaching but none of them provide you with any material with which you can do self study with your own place. Byju’s classes also provides you with after class materials so that you can go home and then also practice what you have learnt in the can write CAT mock tests.

Byju’s classes also provides you with free classes initially so that you can see for yourself and decide if you want to join the classes. They also provide a refund to you if you are not satisfied with their classes.