Self Storage – The Emergence Of A New Concept In Packing and Moving

Packers and movers are primarily known for their services in helping people to move from one place to another with their belongings. Whether you are changing residence or shifting your office, packers and movers are indispensable. They take complete responsibility of packing your goods and arrange for its safe transportation. Loading and unloading is done by them as well as unpacking the goods and placing them in position. You are greatly relieved of the stress of moving with your belongings by hiring the professional services of packers and movers who are experienced and licensed to handle the assignments with professional competence. But the service is executed on point to point basis with no scope of interim storage.

Expanded Scope

The concept of moving with your belongings, whether it is for individuals, families or business has evolved over a period of time. Taking into consideration the additional needs of storage that customers want together with the moving services, some packers and movers have made arrangements for interim storage of goods while on the move that has been included in their scope of services. Whether you are moving within the city or across the states within the country you can now avail not only professional moving services but together with it, you can make use of the storage services that many packers and movers now offer.

Storage on the Move

It is therefore no wonder that many packers and movers are also known as Storage Company in Alexandria VA . This does not mean that they have been converted to full-fledged warehousing companies. They have just included the aspect of warehousing and storage in their existing portfolio of packing and moving. They can now take care of the end to end process of moving from one place to another even if it necessitates holding the goods in their custody while in transit. The storage facility that they offer can also be used even without linking it to moving. If you need additional storage space for temporary storage of your personal property then also you can hire their storage service.

Self Storage

The inclusion of self storage has changed the face of logistics services that used to be recognized only for movement of goods. If you are ready to move to a new address but the place is yet not completely ready to accommodate all your belongings, you can simply include the storage services in the scope of the packers and movers. They will arrange for interim storage of your goods in their custody after picking it up from your place till the time they deliver it at the new address at a time when you are ready to take it.

With the integration of storage services into the business of packing and moving, the logistics support that you can expect from professional packers and movers has become greatly flexible that gives you more confidence. Scheduling your move has now become easy as you can rely on any storage company in Alexandria VA that offers moving and storage services that give you enough elbow room to match with extended delivery schedules without any worry.