The Best Of Video Makers Have Arrived From Panasonic- The 4k Camcorder!

Recording with a smartphone can be instant, but recording a video with a camcorder is the ultimate bit of fun for people! A camcorder offers many options not only to record and improve the video quality; it also provides a lot of advanced tools to take a snap or a still from a video. There are many options to edit the video instantly, enhancing the user friendliness of the device.

Get the Best Camcorder in Least Price!

In order to have a 4k camcorder, one would definitely look into what features it is going to offer! The Panasonic 4k device perhaps offers the best of features in the lot. It has great picture quality, outstanding editing tools and excellent colour composer. The best part about it is that it provides the option of dual video recording at the same time, one with the front camera and the other with the movable side camera that can be rotated in any direction for the second frame of recording!

The Best Of Video Makers Have Arrived From Panasonic- The 4k Camcorder!

Technical Specifications

The Panasonic 4k camcorder comes with certain outstanding and unbelievable features like:-

  • Various footage sizes for different devices- smartphone footage, tablet footage and 4k TV footage.
  • Video recording with 25 fps.
  • Editing tools to extract 8MP high quality non-blurry still photos from a recorded video.
  • Provides the widest angle lens for video recording among camcorders.
  • 20X optical zoom possible.
  • Provided with best quality Leica lens of 30.8 mm F1.5 specs.
  • Blur free and steady video image.
  • Advanced image stabilization facility provided.
  • Hybrid O.I.S. system provided.
  • Automatic choice of optimal exposure depending on the light available during recording.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) movie recording.
  • Two angle recording possible simultaneously.
  • WX970 model has twin camera provided to record videos in two separate frames at the same time- the most unique USP of this camcorder.

Value Added Features

The Panasonic 4k camcorder is the best in the market presently, offering a large number of value added features that cannot be found anywhere else. While its twin camera option is outstanding, it is also handy, portable and lightweight. The best part about it is its huge memory for storing as many videos as one can record, before shifting them on to the laptops. Also, the battery life is pretty long, providing the option of recording very long videos without having to recharge in the midst.