The Right Steps To Selling A Luxury Home

Real estate is a challenging business and the challenge gets just a notch tougher when it comes to selling high priced luxury homes. As the level of difficulty increases, your level of expertise as a real estate agent in Pasadena increases too. A lot of agents take up million dollar homes into their listing but start to panic because they have no clue about the next steps. However, if you are thinking of making it into the luxury homes arena, here are a few tips to make things better for you as an agent.



Pricing it right: Often realtors who fail to sell luxury homes make the mistake of not pricing it right. It is extremely important that you price a home competitively. AN agent who suggests the highest price in the market may end up not selling the house because there were similar homes for lesser price. However, a study of the market is very important before pricing the house. You don’t want to price too low either. You could do a comparative market analysis and also spend a lot of time on research. A good way would also be to tour other luxury homes in the market or calling your other real estate friends who you know have sold luxury homes in the recent past. Also, you should know about the amenities you are providing in the luxury home you are trying to sell so that you can do the comparative study better and determine a price that can be sold to buyers.


Marketing the house: While pricing is a big marketing in itself, there are still other tools you may use to keep your sale competitive. It is important that you use the internet to market the property you are trying to sell. Today buyers swarm the internet looking for homes and this is probably the best platform for you as the best real estate agent in Pasadena. Social media can do wonders when it comes to marketing. You need to identify your target audience and then start with marketing the house to the niche audience. Hope takes people places but not while you are just sitting and hoping. You need to get up and get going. So, start with your marketing skills as soon as you have done your research on the type of market you want to use for the luxury home you want to sell.

Picking the right time for sale: Timing plays a very important role when it comes to selling luxury homes. For example selling a luxury waterfront home in Florida during the hurricane season may not be a very good idea. So, you need to pick a time when you can put the home in the market so that it attracts buyers.

Open houses: People are divided in their opinion about the benefits of open houses but many home owners who are trying to sell their homes do want to know from their agents if there is going to be an open house. Public open houses for selling luxury homes may really not be a good idea. It brings in a large portion of curious people who may not be interested in buying a luxury home but just want a glimpse of the interiors of a luxury home. On the other hand a top broker in Pasadena open house may be much more effective where there might be brokers who have prospective clients who want to buy a luxury home in that area.

Portraying lifestyle and location: It is important to showcase the lifestyle and location of the house so that people are able to see what additional locational facility they will be enjoying if they buy the house you are selling. You could use a video or virtual tour of the surroundings too to market your property to the designated buyers. Buyers often want to know who else is living in the neighborhood. So, make sure you find out that information and give it out on your website or video when you showcase the property.

Being patient:Selling any home needs patience but since selling luxury homes is a bigger challenge, you need some extra patience. It will take longer than selling a normal home and you need to wait. If buyers don’t surface, you may want to reconsider your marketing techniques.