Tips To Protect Your Skin In Winter

Although the skin has its own means of self-defence, adverse climatic factors such as cold and wind, causing serious disorders can weaken and even premature aging. Learn to also take care in winter. The skin care not only shows the importance of the visual factor but even more essential health factor. Cosmetic products help you to take care of:

1. As beauty routine should perform a facial with products that are suitable for your skin type. Use a product with a neutral pH. It is good to do this facial scrub twice a day. When you start the day and dismiss the day. Use soap or a specific gel. Facial skin has different needs than the body. In case of using the wrong cleaning facial product can cause dry skin.

2. One of the best times to shave is after the time of the shower. Thus, pores are more open. However, avoid very hot water to shower with. Avoid using products containing alcohol. You can also moisturize your face before shaving with warm water.

3. One of the cares necessary to protect the skin from irritation of shaving cream is to use a moisturizing after shave it.

4. Some parts of the face requires more careful because they are more sensitive areas. For example, the effect of fatigue or stress can be seen in a special way in the eye area. Thus, creams that are specific to this part of the face are especially effective care bags and dark circles.

5. One of the essential cosmetic products for skin care wrinkle cream is especially recommended to prevent the effects of aging. As a result of shaving, the skin of the cheeks and neck is especially sensitive to the effects of dryness and also dehydration. Thus, through a wrinkle cream, skin firmness and also, extra nutrition is provided.

6. It is very important to protect the skin against the effects of the sun. There are people who think that in winter there is less need to use sunscreen. See information with the pharmacist about the proper type of protection.

7. When dry your facial skin, avoid rubbing his face with a towel. It is advisable to opt for softness. You can apply moisturizer when your skin is still some moisture.

8. A healthy diet is also essential for skin care. Take plenty of water each day. Include in the basket of fruit and vegetables of the season.

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