Most Common Plumbing Issues and The Solutions

So, you have good plumbing, new pipes, well-maintained toilet… Nothing could possibly ever go wrong and you will have good plumbing forever, right? Wrong! It sounds like it should be the case, but we are all aware of the fact that it is not at all so. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong even in an average home, but it is not the reason for you to panic. Some of these things can be easily fixed, you can even do it yourself. Let’s take a look at a few plumbing issues and the ways you can fix them.


Water pressure is very low

It happens often that the water pressure runs low in showers and faucets, and it can truly be frustrating. What you should know about it is that it usually occurs when ‘water derbis’ builds up in pipes and drains (lime scale, for example). When this happens, the water pressure is reduced in pipes and drains causing the water to run slow. It is not difficult to do it yourself, but it is not an easy thing to do; it requires some effort. Remove the top part of the faucet or a shower head (the aerator). This is the place where lime scale collects most commonly. Remove the parts with a help of a few tools and clean them up. Everything will be as new after that.

You have a running toilet

Another very common and even more annoying plumbing issue which occurs often and a lot of people complain about is a running toilet. Since this problem happens for a number of reasons, naming the right one can be a difficult task. But the bottom line is – you’ll have to replace the toilet fill valve, the flapper, or the flush valve. Nevertheless, toilets sometimes run for more complex reasons and in trying to fix t you can cause more damage than you can do good. Toilet plumbing is something you should consider leaving to professionals to fix.

Your drains are slow or clogged

old pipe

The water which goes into your sink, tub or toilet simply ‘refuses’ to go out, the problem is usually partial or complete clog in the drains. It can be fixed with a plunger in most case, so
don’t worry. However, plungers cannot remove the clog entirely, they only dislodge it with air pressure. Those drain cleaners and clog removers which are available for sale can safely be used, but if the clogging of your drains happens often and you always use them, your pipes could get damaged. If clogging happens on a regular basis, don’t be stubborn and call professionals. Even if the clog is not complete, debris in pipes will cause slow drainage.

Try shining a flashlight into the drain and see if the problem is something you can see for yourself. If it is the case, use a pair of tweezers to reach whatever is blocking the water passage. It could be a clump of hair or lost bottle cap that’s causing the trouble.

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