5 Healthiest And Most Delicious Ways To Use Bananas


There are numerous ways one can exploit the uniqueness and sweetness of bananas. Some of the best ways are indeed the healthiest ways for you. If you have been stressing yourself about the sugar content of ripe bananas, linger on it no more, because bananas contain natural sugars which are much helpful to your system as compared to man-made sugar sachets. They are also a source of fiber which helps with constipation, potassium, vitamin C, magnesium as well as vitamin B6 to help boost the body’s physiological functions. That being said let us look at 5 healthiest and most delicious ways to use bananas.

1. Freezing them for Smoothies and Dessert

This is one of the most common, sweet and healthiest ways to use bananas known to man today. All one needs to do is to slice or cut them into two halves. Then, you will also need to put them in a Ziploc bag which is freezer safe, store them up for later use (up to maximum period of 6 months). When desire outweighs you, take them out, make a fat-free ice cream, add smoothies onto them or just consume them frozen right from the zip locked bag as a snack.

2. Add it as a Breakfast Booster

Breakfast has never been complete without a fruity taste alongside. You can use bananas in your breakfast dish. Just slice them and top them up to your dish, oatmeal or to your quinoa bowl. If you do not fancy Quinoa or oatmeal, then here’s what you could do; take a scoop of the Vega One Vanilla Chai shake, add to it coconut flour, flax seeds and almond milk. Stir up the mixture with a mashed up ripe banana and enjoy!

3. Replace the Oil in your Baking with Banana

A lot of people seek for ways to help reduce weight gain. Using oils is an unnecessary source of fats and weight gain if not managed prudently. Mashed up ripe bananas are very healthy replacements for oil with any dough used in baking. For example, in a case where your favorite cookie recipe containing oil as a required ingredient in them, switch the oil with mashed ripe bananas instead.

4. Slice Bananas into Sandwiches

If you have grown up having pea nut butter and jam sandwiches, then you would love the idea of banana sandwich. If you have never tried this then here’s your chance! You can use any butter oil of your own choice, slice up a ripe banana into circular pieces and arrange them on a piece of bread or scones. To make it even healthier you can choose to use unsweetened organic nut butter together with sprouted grain bread.

5. Use it as an Inexpensive Fruit Choice

This is yet one of the 5 healthiest and most delicious ways to use bananas. Bananas in this method are very cheap even in their own organic form, which makes it a wonderful fruit choice for a snack meal to all classes of people.

In conclusion, a lot of people have the presumption that eating fruits, or adding a fruit meal to your diet would have to cost you to some extent. And sometimes this might end up being an expensive budget to most of us. One way to cumber this is to obtain a health insurance policy that covers all your medical needs such as the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Even though this might be the case, fruits are important for our health and cannot be eliminated from the diet.

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