Apple Officially Released iOS 8: What’s New

Apple in the U.S. Eastern time at 13:00 on the 17th released iOS 8 operating system. It’s really good news to the iOS customers, Users can choose to download via settings in the “General” menu of options “Software Update”, or through iTunes finished downloading the update. iOS 8 update requires free space of about 5.7GB, different equipment models, space requirements vary, some models of the iPad even up to 7GB. So be sure to leave enough space on your device before starting the update.

The new operating system brings a change is not significant, but significant. The new version introduces Health Kit health applications, a user can collect the application of health data. The family Share application allows you to share iTunes purchased with family, calendar information and SMS. iOS 8 Notification Center also been improved, Spotlight search feature also joined the search function native application. In iOS 8 users can also install third-party keyboard.

In addition, the new version of OS X’s release next month, iOS 8 can share the phone, files, and text messages between the computer and the Mac.

Apple Officially Released iOS 8: What’s New

Why Upgrade: iOS 8 of these Functions

The interface style, iOS 8 and iOS 7 not much change, but all aspects of functionality have been improved.


Photo APP joined the search, and you can use the Smart Album feature to organize. The new editing tools allow users to handle immediately after shooting is completed. It also introduced a time-lapse photography function.


Information APP can send voice and video, and support for group chat, location information sharing.

Interaction Design

Users can directly inform the banner at handling text messages, e-mails and other matters, without leaving the current APP. Top of the latest addition to multi-tasking and collection contact interface, you can quickly call or send messages. The e-mail management is also more convenient.

Smart Keyboard

Add third-party keyboard. While text input prediction engine has been optimized for a variety of languages ​​worldwide.

Family Share

Six family members can share their books have been downloaded and purchased in the App Store content, without sharing account. Can also share photos, family calendars and more. And the parents of the children have more control authority.

iCloud Drive

Users can store all presentations, spreadsheets, PDF files, pictures and any other format files on iCloud, then access on iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. Changes to the document will automatically appear on all devices. Users can simultaneously across multiple APP, open and process the same file.


Health increased APP chart summarizes the user data on the health and fitness can glance. And Apple provides a new tool Health Kit for developers.

Apple’s multi-device with: more tacit cooperation between the iPhone, iPad and Mac, Mac can even pick iPhone phone.

Other Features

Lunar, power consumption monitoring applications, calls attribution, WiFi calling, third-party applications can use the Touch ID interface, smart home tools HomeKit.

Which devices can be upgraded: Beginning iPhone 4s and iPad 2

iPhone Series: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

iPad Series: iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini 2

iPod family: iPod touch fifth generation

But small advice of old equipment or first wait and see before deciding whether to upgrade. Many iPhone 4 have updated iOS “tragic history” 7.

How to Upgrade: There are Two ways

The best backup before beginning the upgrade through iTunes and iCloud, just in case. While cleaning store, ensure that there is enough space to install the update.

By the time Apple push updates, generally have the following two methods to upgrade

1, OTA. In the device’s “SettingsGeneral Software Update” in the online direct download updates;

2, iTunes. After the device is connected iTunes, the device interface, download the update file to install.

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