Procedure To Follow For Booking A Train Ticket

Train travelling in India is one of the most popular and safest modes of transportation in India. You will not suffer from any of the common problems that people face in flights, like motion sickness, jet lag, and so on. The entire journey is also very comfortable where you get to rest and relax throughout the journey. Trains are also quite spacious as compared to the road transports and flights.

Procedure To Follow For Booking A Train Ticket

Some Advantages

The common advantages would include the wide corridors and comfortable seats that let you relax and stretch your legs as much as you want. You will also be allowed to stroll around in the compartment. Enjoying the fresh air occasionally is also possible while travelling on a train. This mode of transport is also great for people who have children accompanying them. It is easier to take care of the children when on trains instead in a bus or plane.

One more advantage people have while travelling in trains is that it allows people to experience the beauty of nature. Trains travel through beautiful terrains that include mountains and hills. The view of the landscapes is truly magnificent which is in no comparison to the one that can be seen from buses and planes. The windows are wide that allows people even to take spectacular photographs.

Steps of Making Online Reservations

Indian Railways have extremely high connectivity with respect to the network. It is also counted among the biggest network all over the globe.

You can make your reservations using the IRCTC website which is known for Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited. You will be able to book your tickets online according to the IRCTC availability. For other related information regarding your tickets such as train schedule, ticket availability, and reservation status, you can also go through the website.

Steps for Booking the Ticket

  • When you open the website, you will have to enter the source, destination, and travel date details. After doing so, you will get a list of trains connecting the destinations will show up. Train times will vary for all the trains. Each of them will have their arrival and departure timings with the seat availability.
  • After choosing the preferred train, you will have to select the class you want to travel in from the availability. Some of them are air-conditioned making it a comfortable journey, while others belong to the general economy class.
  • When you have chosen the class, the price along with the taxes will come up. Now, you will have to make your payment through the different payment methods available. You can choose to pay by cash card, debit card, credit card, and so on.

Types of Train Tickets

Tickets are of two different types, i.e. e-ticket and i-ticket. In e-ticket, you will have to take a print of the ticket and use it during boarding. On the other hand, i-ticket is one that is delivered to the receiver’s shipping address, the one provided at the time of booking. The PNR is mainly used for making future transactions.

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