What Is The Best Meat To Prepare For Guests

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What Is The Best Meat To Prepare For Guests

1. Chest

The chest consists of a part of the chest which is very tasty. This part is fleshy, well spun with fat and juicy.

Usage: used for baking and cooking. The chest itself is less fleshy and is excellent for filling and baking in pieces. This is the favorite type of meat to many people.

2. Shoulder

Shoulder or spatula is another type of meat that you can use for cooking.

Usage: it is extremely suitable for cooking. You can cook this type of meat in the oven and get the perfect type of dish. Everyone will love it.

3. Kneading

Kneading meat has an intense taste. As a rule, the rear knees have more meat compared to the front and their use is different. However, the last kneecaps tend to be more used because they have a greater part of the bone. You will be able to distinguish them right after the first time you cook them, and then you will know what is best for your family.

Usage: You can make an excellent soup that is really tasty and it is in fact served in many restaurants. The bone gives its maximum when the whole piece is placed in the oven or under the and in addition of vegetables. For this purpose you can use paprika as the best vegetable that goes with this type of meat. Just remember that this type of meat requires long cooking in light fire.

4. Roastbeef

The back is a juicy and a delicious piece of meat.

Usage: From the front, we can cut choppers that are excellent for grilling. You can add chips and the lunch will be ready.

5. A kidney

The back bone part or kidney is one of the best parts of the calves.

Usage: Use baking soda and some natural spices to make it taste better and cook for a longer period of time.

6. Beefsteak

Beefsteak is the softest and most expensive meat part of the calves

Usage: We use it for baking in pieces and especially cut into medallions on the grill. The beefsteak should be freed from the fine pieces surrounding it before baking.

7. Chops

The meat around the ribs is sprinkled with fatty parts, and the wing ribs make up a large soft steak of 3 ribs and spines.

Usage: Veal ribs are used for cooking but they also can be baked in the grill or in the oven. It is best to prepare them for quick frying. They are often cooked and filled with various fillings.

8. Upper part of the butt

The meat from the upper part of the butt is almost smooth, soft muscle tissue.

Usage: We use it for baking and baking in pieces. For best results, it is best baked only in small pieces.

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