What Are The Different Home Building Trends In 2017

Planning to build a new home? You have to do the planning and perform several tasks like preparing a house plan that suits the requirements of you and your family. Considering existing home building trends will help in maximizing your house plan and gives you a house that matches your lifestyle.

What Are The Different Home Building Trends In 2017

Outdoor living

Outdoor living is the biggest home trends in 2017. As per the construction expert Rocco Basile, this type of arrangement offers a retreat for families. By avoiding all types of outdoor distractions, it expands the outdoor area and allows it to move into the indoor living space to get the benefits of both worlds. Whether you want space or functionality, this is a popular trend that helps people to relax and celebrate.

Digital detoxification

Digital Detox is a home building trend that incorporates the usage of fundamental materials that include concrete, cork, wood, metallic accents and contrasted with brown and grey tones.

It gives a modern look to a place where rooms will have an efficient form and function. It will be completely designed for providing visual pleasure. The choice of construction material and sectioning of rooms plays an important role in open-style living space.

Addition of room for elderly people

Addition of a granny flat is the best way to serve old people. It can be done by renting out a section of space of the home to make a place for elderly parents to stay. This is especially beneficial when old people can’t afford moving out of the house and also need their own space. This feature can also assist homeowners financially as the rental money you get from it can be used to pay off the mortgage of the home.

Dual spaces

You can design rooms in a house that offer multi – purpose to the residents. These rooms can be used for dual objectives. The playroom can function as a guest bedroom, or an office can be converted into a library as the need arises. In this way, you get maximum benefits from your house design, without sacrificing on house space.

Energy efficient

An increase in electricity costs and new house builds are incorporating unique and energy efficient architectural designs that reduce electricity expenditure. Homes that have small sized ecological footprint are cost-effective and minimize carbon emissions.

Why should one hire services of a property management firm?

The more properties you have to manage, the more critical and challenging it could get over time. Retail outlets, shops, restaurants, and other businesses require customized construction services.  Different type of construction projects whether residential or commercial projects have a varying set of construction requirements.

You need an expert and professional property management firm to handle all these areas in the most efficient way. Rocco Basile is a highly recognized as a construction expert in NYC. Hiring his services would definitely assure you of the best management and maximum returns on your investment.


Home building trends are based on the way your lifestyle evolves. It also helps in improving the visual appeal of your new home. So next time when you plan to build your house, don’t forget to implement these ways.

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