Great Memory Tricks For Kids

Memory is a very complex process and the truth is that many parents underestimate their children’s ability to memorize. One of the reasons toddlers break rules is because their memory is not fully developed yet and they need to understand the vocabulary you are using first.

However, your little ones are like sponges – absorb and retain a large amount of information. Their little brains are truly amazing and it is very important to teach them while they are young and help them commit to memory valuable information. From multiplication tables to scriptures and poems, kids who can memorize are miles ahead of those that never learn how.

And with the increasing academic demands, some kids even begin to feel “stupid” and unsure of their ability to recall everything they need to know. It is important to reassure your children that remembering is a skill that can be learned like any other.

Great Memory Tricks For Kids

The more your little one exercise her memory muscle, the easier it will be for her to handle the load of info in school. Here are some tricks to boost your kid’s brainpower.

●    Get the details

It is well known that parents can have a great impact on memory development by including many memory questions in conversations about past events with their kids. For instance, if you talk about a recent trip to the zoo, you can ask her about the animals in details.

●    Play memory games

Toys such as Simon and Bop It or Concentration card games are ideal for your kids. While driving them to school you can play games like “I’m going on a picnic and I’m taking…” in which everyone has a turn adding an item and repeating the ones said previously.

●    Suggest strategies

Look for some tricks that can help your little one. For instance, when you want to teach her right and left, have her hold up both hands in an L shape and tell her that the left one is the one with the forward-facing L.

●    Divide and conquer

If there are some lines in a class play or a short poem that your child has to memorize, try to break the task down together.

●    Practice

Offer to quiz your precious one on her multiplication tables or spelling words. For better results, try repeating the numbers with her to make them easier to recall. This is a great way to check how good is your memory and boost the memory of your child. After testing her on spelling, ask her to rewrite the difficult words.

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