The Advantages Of Installing A Fire Alarm System Within Your Premises

The loss incurred due to fires in India runs into millions. Government bodies, individuals and firms have come together to form certain effective laws and guidelines that ensure maximum fire safety. For instance, every building with a certain number of people should have a fire extinguisher, provision of a fire hose, fire escape, etc. However, all these are measures of control; before you can control the fire, you need to know that there is a fire. This is where you need a fire detection system.

The Advantages Of Installing A Fire Alarm System Within Your Premises

The most basic part of such a system is the fire alarm system which consists of a few usual components: a smoke/heat/ fire detector, manual call point, and a control panel. Once the detector senses something or you pull in the manual call point, a signal is sent to the control panel that sounds an alarm in the form of a buzzer, bell, or light as well as sends a message to the registered monitoring station for help.

A fire alarm has some major benefits. They are as follows:

  1. Timely warnings

It is not possible for someone to be in all the rooms/ floors of the building at all times in order to sense the fire at the first instance. That’s why, installing a smoke, heat or fire detector in every room or floor becomes crucial. Imagine a hypothetical situation where everybody is huddled on the first floor of the office while a fire breaks out in the pantry on the third floor. By the time the fire reaches where you are, it is too late. With an alarm system for fires, the aim is prevention rather than salvaging.

  1. Multiple options for placement

You can choose the areas where you wish to place the detectors. Usually, places like the bathroom are avoided as the steam from the shower may inadvertently trigger the alarm. You need to think whether you wish to place an alarm near the kitchen/ inside the kitchen as it is one part of the house where fires tend to start the most. A shared hallway, a room in the farthest corner of the house which is seldom visited are some of the other areas where you could install the detectors.

  1. Constant monitoring

The fire system’s control panel is connected with a central monitoring company which receives a message immediately after the alarm is triggered. The monitoring company is thus, in a position to send emergency services to the premises as soon as possible. Furthermore, the control panel also shows which detector has been triggered making it easier for the emergency services to know the location of the fire.

  1. Peace of mind

Last and the most important factor, installing a whole system to warn you of alarms give you the peace of mind that you crave ensuring not just your safety but that of your loved ones too.
Having an alarm system for fire is crucial to prevent losses of any kind. After all, nobody wants to see all that they care about rising in flames.

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