Changing mood: Smile again in a heartbeat!

Changing mood, going from a negative state to a pleasant feeling of positivity and wellbeing, it is possible and very easy! It can make anyone, even those who ignore the existence of the Law of Attraction or knows nothing about visualization or meditation. Indeed, we do it all already : those who knowingly, some without realizing it. After all, to change their emotional condition is sufficient to prove the desire to change and feel good.

Of course, knowing the control that each of us has on one’s thoughts and feelings means living at a higher level than those who simply exist, believing to be in the hands of fate.

The truth is that as long as we do not realize to be creators and managers of their own lives, nothing is done to get rid of negative thoughts. Instead, we focus on them, basking in sadness, despair, in the belief of being unlucky.

There is crying on me for days, then something happens and miraculously things take to go the right way and finds himself in a good mood. Just a small sign of recovery and we are surprised to think: “So all is not lost!” With a bit of hope, dry their tears and again … It goes on like this, at the mercy of the case until next obstacle …

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But when we discover that the quality of each and every moment of our existence depends on us, and that really our thoughts create our reality to the principle of cause and effect, then stop looking for the reason of happiness outside! We begin to look carefully into our heart. We find the intention to act and we realize the incredible potential that we have. We understand that being negative is just a big waste of time and quickly find the joy of living and the smile!

Imagine the scene: Monday morning, in December, it’s snowing outside. It’s 6 and the alarm sounds. You must turn off and you turn the other way. Ten minutes pass and merciless contraption sounds again. You turn it off again, but you can still between the covers and resume to dream: you have to get up. After drinking a coffee in feet, you jump in traffic, or take a load of commuter train like you. The beginning of a work week not at all exciting. The usual routine. The time that passes with the dropper. You who want to be elsewhere, anywhere but not in the place where you are! Against this background the mood could only be black !

Instead, why not focus on the positive aspects of the situation? Although it seems impossible to find, there are many, I assure you! To begin with, in these times of crisis is not just rely on steady income and steady. You have a job; it might as well do it better and with commitment! Eight hours pass quickly, also will fly a week and on the weekend, you can indulge your passions, perhaps to improve your living conditions and accomplish your desires.

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A long time ago I let the bad thoughts ruined my days. Then one evening, while I was stuck in traffic, eager to get home and of course nervous, the radio has sent one of my favorite songs, very cheerful and upbeat, and suddenly I found myself beating time on the wheel, humming and smile. So I thought, enthusiastic: “This song is truly magical! Within a few seconds he turned my anger into joy! ”

When you realize that you are in a state of negativity, try to distract yourself singing a song you like, watch a cabaret show or a comedy, read a funny book, remember a meaningful and enjoyable episode of your past, think about your favorite city, write a romantic letter to the person you love.

Initially it will be just a distraction, then it will become a habit. With the passage of time to change, the mood will be your favorite game, a great game that you can never do without!

To believe means to be happy, be considered unfortunate means to become one.

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