Winstrol Only Cycle – What to Expect

Are you in search of an excellent cutting steroid to burn that extra body fat and at the same time retain the lean muscle mass? Then let me tell you, you can put an end to your search as Winstrol or Stanozolol is the perfect anabolic steroid which promises to fulfill both your requirements. With the use of Winstrol, you can expect similar fat loss results like any other DTH derivative steroid.Like most DTH steroids it does not get converted into estrogen. Infact, one of its positive aspects is, it helps in lowering the level of HDL and increasing the level of HDL in our body. Winstrol is one of the top three cutting steroids available in today’s market.

Winstrol Only Cycle

Winstrol only cycle is normally preferred by bodybuilders during the cutting phase to preserve the lean muscles. It proves to be useful in getting rid of the last layer of fat that acts as a hindrance in making out your toned body. When used in the cutting phase it does not result in weight gain. Though most people use it for stacking with other steroids, the fact is it can also be taken independently. Winstrol only cutting cycle can include either oral tablets or the injectable form, which is nicknamed as Winny to boost the level of testosterone in your body. Check the Winny only reviews from the various reputed website, so that you get to know more about the only cycle of the steroid.

A blessing for the athletes

Winstrol proves to be a blessing for the athletes as it offers a whole lot of benefits. Some of the benefits that prove to be effective for your body are, it is known to speed up the process of protein synthesis, boost the nitrogen retention capacity of your body, is safe on your liver, increases the physical strength and you can see visible results in just 2 weeks. Other convenient reasons are you don’t require any prescription to acquire it and the steroid is legally approved in most countries.

Dosage for men and women

One important point to be noted is, most of the anabolic steroids have virilization effects in women, where they tend to develop typical male physical characteristics. But if they stick to low doses of Winstrol for a short period of time they can avoid any kind of such negative effects. Practically they should not exceed a dosage of 10mg per day. For female beginners, a cycle of 4 weeks is advised. During this phase, they should take the drug every two days for the initial week, then step up to 10mg per day. Men can start with an initial dose of 50mg and can increase it upto 10mg daily for a maximum of 8 weeks cycle. It is highly discouraged for both men and women to increase the dosage above the mentioned limit to avoid any kind of serious health injury. It has been noticed that men prefer the injectable form while female athletes prefer the oral tablets. Get a clear picture from the Winny only reviews from various website across the internet and start your cycle today.

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