Essential Oils For Fleas

If you’re like me and many any other people around the world, pets become part of your family and you want them to be happy and healthy too. At some point or another your pet may get fleas and no matter what you use to treat them with to get rid of the fleas it just doesn’t seem to work. The usage of Essential Oils for Fleas is not only natural way to treat this issue but is very effective too.

A few common essential oils you could use to treat your dog’s flea problems are Lemongrass Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Citronella Oil, Thyme Oil, and Lavender Oil. Your feline friend is a little harder to treat for fleas but there is an essential oil that is safe for your cat and is very effective for flea treatment too it is Neem Oil. The usage of essential oils for flea treatment is a natural way and has none of the harsh chemicals in it as the store-bought brands have in them.

There are several different ways to apply these oils to your pet to treat them for fleas and doesn’t take very long to make or apply. You can add your essential oil mix into their shampoo and this gives you that ability to treat them for fleas at the same time you’re giving them a bath. If you feel the same about the store-bought flea collars as me, you don’t want them on or even near your pet because of how bad those collars can be for their health and don’t even work most of the time. Well then, you’re in luck you can make your own flea collar for them by soaking it in an essential oil mixture, once it dries out after soaking can be used for a thirty-day treatment.

There are other methods you can use with these oils too. You can adjust their diet by adding these oils to their foods or drinks or make a flea deterrent spray to spray on them. Another, good aspect of using these oils for treatment is they help to keep your pet from getting infections on areas where flea bites have occurred. Any of these methods I have listed are effective in getting rid of the flea infestation and keeping them away in the future.

Now because of sensitivities that your pet may have cat, dog, etc… there are some essential oils there can hurt them, make them very sick, or could even be fatal. So, use these oils with care and caution. A few of these oils are: tea tree oil, clove oil, pennyroyal oil, and peppermint oil. Just because some of these oils are too strong to use on your pet don’t worry others such as myself have done the research for you and you now know which oils are dangerous to use and which ones are not. Read more on: