Important Things To Keep In Mind About Concrete Screed

Concrete screed has so many benefits that make it one of the best to use in your construction works. It will make the perfect addition to various construction works and it is never subject to any form of shrinkage. This is unlike several other forms of concrete. This concrete is the perfect choice for your loft conversion terraced house and for any other home extensions ideas you can ever have in mind.

Important Things To Keep In Mind About Concrete Screed

In addition, screed never cracks like other types of concrete. It also does not curl or get deformed. Consequently, it is able to last for very long time. In actual fact, it remains solid all through the lifetime of the building. With this concrete, there is substantial decrease in joint movement.


Heat response time with screed is also very fast; it is faster than what obtains in many other types of concrete.  There is therefore greater thermal efficiency when you use screed with your under-floor heating. Also, concrete screed is never subject to any formation of laitance. Screed also does not require any form of surface buffing or sanding.

One other factor that makes screed the best for your construction endeavours is its installation speed. It is very easy to apply on the floor. In actual fact, you can pour up to 2000m2 per day. Screed therefore helps to save time a great deal. It is also very easy to install. It is a self-levelling concrete. Not much of an experience is required to be able to handle it. It therefore makes your loft conversion terraced house project and any other home extension ideas you have an easy endeavour.

The laying depth is greatly reduced when you use screed. As a result, it is able to dry fast and the weight is considerably reduced. Fast speed of construction is one other factor working in favour of the concrete screed. It can be used in areas where there is light traffic and it will never crack or get affected in any way even if the traffic goes on for 24 hours of the day. The installation is so easy to the extent that there is no need for heavy labour. As a result, high safety and health risks associated with concrete works are reduced with screed.

The mix is also quality controlled by the companies making them. This gives assurance of top quality when you make use of screed for your construction works. Every batch of screed is monitored to ensure all-round consistency.

Screed is taken through highly improved manufacturing process in comparison with other forms of concrete. The final product is more environmentally friendly, making it the best choice for any construction work you may have.

There are two types of concrete screed; there is the sand and cement type of screed and the anhydrate concrete screed. The one to use depends on the type of construction work you need to do. You can seek guidance from outlets supplying them on the right one to use for the particular construction work you have in mind.

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