Uses Of Paraffin Wax In Beauty and Wellness Industry

Paraffin wax is a white or colourless soft solid derivable from petroleum, coal or oil shale, which consists of mixture of hydrocarbon molecules containing between twenty and forty carbon items. Common applications of paraffin wax include lubrication, electrical insulation, and candles. Paraffin wax is produced by separating, or refining the wax found in crude mineral oils. To purify it is boiled, chilled and pressed through a filter. This process creates the heavy, odourless, colourless liquid called as paraffin wax.

Paraffin candles are odourless and bluish white in color. Paraffin wax was first created in 1850, and marked a major advancement in candle making technology.

Uses Of Paraffin Wax In Beauty and Wellness Industry

Paraffin wax treatments

Role in beauty treatments– Wax plays a major role in beauty treatments as well. It is a popular way to remove unwanted hair form legs, arms, chests, eyebrows and bikini lines. Most of the parlours and salon are getting benefit of this.

Paraffin wax pedicure– Paraffin wax is a luxury spa treatment that moisturises and softens the skin. Happy nail is a mobile nail service based in UK. Service includes nail art, acrylic nails, pedicures, paraffin wax and callus peel.

Healing benefits- The application of heated paraffin wax, to the affected body parts, creates a soothing barrier that allows the pain to reduce. Paraffin wax treatments can therefore be a beneficial aid for the sufferers of arthritis. The hands or feet are gently dipped into the heated wax and the wax’s natural properties begin to sooth muscles and soften the skin.  The soothing heat remedy reduces inflammation, aches and joints pain.

How does it work?

Paraffin treatment is form of deep heat therapy. Liquefied paraffin wax is retaining and absorbing heat. The heat increases circulation and relief pain and stiffness. To aid in the skin softening, paraffin increases blood supply to the skin, while also opening pores and trapping moisture from underlying layers of skin. It can also be helpful for chronic disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.

Other uses

  • Coatings for wax paper or cloth
  • Anti- caking agent, moisture repellent, and dust binding coatings for fertilizers
  • Candle making
  • Crayons
  • Bullet lubricant- with other ingredients such as olive oil and beeswax.
  • Component of glide wax, used on skis and snowboards.
  • Used as a basis for solid ink, different color blocks of wax for thermal painters. The wax is melted and then sprayed producing images with a shiny surface
  • Manufacture of boiled leather armor and books
  • Thickening agent in any paint balls
  • Prevent oxidation on the surface of polished sheet and iron.
  • Phase change material for thermal energy storage.
  • Skateboard wax
  • Waterproofing agent for waxed cotton garments and commercially important in the early water proofing of ship sails.
  • Potting, guitar pickups which reduces micro phonic feedback caused from the subtle movements of the pole pieces.

You can find paraffin wax suppliers online easily and enquire with them to obtain all the details you want about this chemical, its applications and numerous uses.

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