Excellent Guide On How To Make Your Volunteering Dream A Reality

Volunteering abroad offers tremendous learning opportunities and let you explore your hidden potential. You get to know about traditions and cultures of various places abroad and get to meet new people who are basically your team mates. If you are planning for volunteering in Costa Rica, here are things that you must consider.

To Dos for taking up A Successful Volunteering

  • Planning   How To Make Your Volunteering Dream A Reality

You have a life that involves a lot of things such as school, jobs, engagements and responsibilities. Volunteering abroad would require you to take a break from your daily routine.

Therefore, you must decide on how many leaves you can take from your school or job. Moreover, where you would like to visit for volunteering, what would you like to do and whom would you like to accompany.

  • Define Your Objectives

You need to be very sure about your goals of taking up volunteering abroad. You should think about the place you would like to visit and check about feasibility of the location i.e. it should not be very far from your place and you should see whether the country you are visiting is safe or not.

Moreover, take up the projects that match your skills. For instance, if you are good at financial planning, take up the activities that involve financial planning. However, be sure that you can adapt to the work environment of other places as each place has different working style and culture.

  • Check The Budget

Though volunteering is an economical way of experiencing new culture, international travel is quite expensive. The longer is duration of your volunteering trip , lesser is the overall cost of trip. This is because documents and flight charges are to be borne once and if you stay for longer duration , the overall cost may come out to be rather low.

Besides flights, there are other expenses related to visas, passports, travellers insurance and vaccination. Therefore, take projects that involve longer duration so that you can gain experience matching to the amount you are spending.

It’s all about committing to your dream and making it happen. However, its important to know well what you can afford before you start looking at programs. Doing it this way will give you the best results with limited search. You are not required to finance it all on your own.

  • Fundraise, if you need

Fundraising is a great option for reducing the airfare and program cost, if you are going abroad. Some people have conception that fundraising means asking your family and friends for money, but it is broader than this. It is a wonderful way of sharing what you are doing while creating awareness among people for your cause.

Therefore, don’t be hesitant in sharing your story with your school, your company, your community and co-workers. Let people get aware of why you are doing this volunteering and give them a chance to support you.


Take more and more volunteering abroad and experience new things. Go ahead and take up additional knowledge.

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