Tactic and Practical Hexmag’s AR Magazines For Shooting The Bull

The Hexmag is a durable and lightweight magazine for the AR platform! The ideal hex-patterned texture gives a worry free grip, study with the impact resistant nylon polymer body which is attractive. The tool free base plate offers the access for the USGI spec, the spring is anti-corrosion stainless steel which is treated with the heat of the HexID system. It is the perfect one for the gun shooters who run huge caliber with their AR-15s .The Hexmag 10/30 magazine has the capacity of holding 10-rounds.

Features of Hexmag 10/30:

  • The HX10-AR is a durable polymer, lightweight which has 30-round with 5.56x45mm NATO/.223.
  • Remington ammunition magazine, have the limits of with the ability of 10 rounds.  It is specially designed for function with most compatible platforms like AR15/M4.
  • The Hexmag 10/30 is made up of Nylon polymer body which is reinforced with the fiber.
  • The raised hexagon pattern present in this product gives the excellent grip so that it helps to handle securely.
  • The USGI specification, the spring is made up of anti corrosion which is treated well with the heat.
  • The Disassembly is made easier and faster which it is made secure with the help of the design tool free latchplate.
  • The ammunition recognition is made simple using the identification system of the Hex ID color. The capacity is 10 rounds.
  • People who purchase Hexmag 10/30 can have the warranty for lifetime.
  • It is used legally in DC, Washington, Chicago, HI, MD, MA, NY and CA.
  • While buying any type of product people will look for the best appearance and color in which according to the needs of the user they can buy any color.
  • The colors available are dark gray, OD green, Flat Dark Earth and black.

Shoot the bull with tactic and cool:

The design of the Hexmag compensates with the high relief hexagonal that is ribbing on either sides of the mag body and on the rear and front surfaces the horizontal ribs will be present. Along with this in addition to this people can purchase the die cut tape segment vinyl grip. Perfectly the tacky rubber segments fix into the hex slots, which makes you for arranging them in a right pattern that provide the excellent grip.  And this item is available in grey and black which works really an aesthetically and will re- tacti-cool. Most of the company manufacturing this product will give more attention to the HexID system. This is available in six bright colors like Panther Pink and Zombie Green.  The  features of the HexID  helps the shooter  for  color code  their  AR magazines for  particular  cartridges and load . Part from Hexmag there is lots of loading are available in which the best among them is Hexmag 10/30. People who are need  this can order from the best online shops. It is available in affordable price which is delivered through free shipping to the customers within a short time after you have ordered.

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