Protecting Finances With Suretigrity

Suretegrity is the United States’ only Surety Bond agency with the technology to offer all Surety Bonds online instantly. It was started in June 2011.

The Online process for bonding of Suretegrity allows the consumer to easily buy Surety Bonds online through a process that takes just few minutes and not days.

A Surety Bond is a legal contract between three parties- the principal, the surety and the obligee- where the surety provides the obligee with financial guarantee that the principal would act according to the terms mentioned under the contract.

There are various types of Surety Bonds which are available online. Some of the most popular include:

  • Agricultural & Citrus Surety Bonds: These bonds are required to be posted and be licensed with the Department of Agriculture by people who buy and resell the agricultural products such as vegetables, hay, grain, livestock etc. This was established for the protection of the producers of agricultural products from the unwanted loss or hazard in the sale of their products and also for ensuring an adequate amount of supply products to be available for the consumers within the state.
  • Alcoholic Beverage & Tobacco Tax Surety Bonds: A Liquor Tax Surety Bond provides the obligee (the Government entity which require the bond) that the principal (the entity which is selling the liquor) would pay all the taxes which are related to the sale of alcoholic beverages. The obligee is entitled to file a claim in case the principal remains unsuccessful in paying the taxes on the funds collected or if the principal keeps the sale volumes’ fraudulent records.

A Tobacco Tax Surety Bond also provides the guarantee to the obligee that the principal would pay all the taxes which are related to the sale of tobacco products.

  • Auto Dealer Surety Bonds: This type of bond is required to be provided as a financial guarantee by the people who are looking to get their motor vehicle dealer license, stating that their dealership would comply with industry regulations. The laws of this bond differ depending on where exactly the auto dealer would work. Department of Motor Vehicles of each state has specific regulations related to this type of bond.
  • Contractor’s License Surety Bonds: This bond provides the guarantee that the principal (the contractor) would remain in compliance with all the applicable laws which are pertaining to their profession. This bond protects the government entities, as well as the general public, from any kind of potential financial loss due to the construction professional’s actions.