Anyone Use First Wave PR? Crowdfunding Reviews

First Wave PR averages thirty mentions and news features per week for their crowdfunding clients. They’ve secured first page coverage in The New York Times, USA Today, Fast Company, and Fortune for their client’s projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. What crowdfunders really appreciate about their PR team is that they’re extremely proactive, they never forget anything, and they constantly push you to hit your funding goals.


Its no surprise why First Wave PR is the leading PR agency for crowdfunders. But when it comes to crowdfunding services you want to hear exactly what people are saying so you know what to expect. Below are just a few reviews I’ve found online after hearing from past clients of First Wave PR:

“The First Wave PR is one of most results-oriented crowdfunding services I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. They are true crowdfunding professionals who only promise what they can deliver – and they consistently deliver real results.”

“First Wave PR’s turnaround time and crowdfunding success rates are probably not comparable with any other crowdfunding services I’ve ever seen. Every time they surprised me with what they promise and then they over-deliver, literally, every time. I am not exaggerating. Next year will mark our 3rd successful Kickstarter project with them.”

“We used their full marketing plan called the PR + Social plan for our Indiegogo campaign. We saw significant growth in our social presence, up to 50% on some platforms over the previous month, as well as some great first time PR coverage… First Wave PR went above and beyond for us, answering every question we had, and giving us tools to help us succeed even after we got funded.”

“First Wave PR always delivered everything they promised! During our first crowdfunding project I worked with them, we definitely had enough media coverage to keep the momentum going… We were featured in publications that I knew First Wave PR had targeted specifically for our industry. All in all, they performed excellently and we saw more than enough results to recoup their small fee.”

“Their reach of journalists and crowdfunding supporters is vast … Working with FirstWavePR is like sitting down in your board room, with your closest colleagues, who care about your project’s success, and are committed to hitting your funding goal on time.”

“What makes First Wave PR stand out is their ability to understand our business. Their team created very personalized and unique PR content that represented us perfectly. They also targeted the right media outlets and did everything in a timely fashion. They waste no time, which was important for us because we only had a few weeks left on our project! We really developed a strong connection with their team and spoke almost everyday during the Kickstarter campaign. They’re easy to work with and very caring when it comes to you realizing your dreams.”

“As one of the most popular crowdfunding forums, we don’t endorse any crowdfunding services until we take a close look at their track record and the methods they use. First Wave PR is an effective and appropriate way to promote your crowdfunding project without being too pushy or annoying. They feature it in front of people who already want to see your stuff. For that reason they are doing a good service to crowdfunders for their ethical marketing approach.”

“There’s two things that make First Wave PR different: One is their level of crowdfunding expertise and their skill at crowdfunding PR. The second is their ability to work seamlessly with our team. A lot of times, it feels like there’s not two separate teams, but just one. I believe that is their key to making any crowdfunding project successful”.

Some of these reviews above were taken from interviews and other commentary I found online. As you can see, I had to shorten some to get the jist of the message. Many crowdfunders had a lot to say about First Wave PR. Almost everything I could find was positive and well written, which shows the type of crowdfunders who use their service. may be doing something right with not only how they promote these crowdfunding projects, but also how they select which projects to work with. I think that is something all crowdfunders should take into consideration.

To learn more about getting the right PR for your crowdfunding project I’d recommend you visit First Wave PR and see how they’re doing it.