NFL Keeps Behind All The Sports Of America In The Popularity Stunt

A land is determined by its culture, and sports in one big area where the culture of a land is nicely portrayed. But what if there are multiple games which have proved themselves to be the representative of the land? Like in America, both NFL and NBA are popular and they aptly bring forward the culture of the land on the international stage. There will be preferences for sure, but that doesn’t mean one sport is inferior or superior to the other. While tallying the TRP of both the games, it has actually been seen that NFL has got a lot more viewers that NBA in America. Now one probable reason could be the age of the NFL, which dates way back to the first couple of decades in the 20th century. With the American Professional Football Federation being formed, this game started growing in fashion since 1920.

Since then, the game has come up winning the hearts of many and players like Duval Love NFL have always pioneered the entire sports. The reason why NFL is much more popular than NBA in America is varied, but can be categorized under several sections. Firstly, and most importantly, it is the schedule and timing of broadcasting. The game of NBA has got multiple fixtures in a week, while the NFL has got just one and that too on a Sunday when the entire nation celebrates their weekend. Everyone gets to know way before when the game is fixture and hence can plan it around accordingly. Once it gets done, it doesn’t interrupt for the rest of the entire week until next weekend. So NFL turns out to be the perfect blend of convenience and anticipation.

However, the parity alone doesn’t explain the popularity, and the super teams, the marquee franchises; players like Duval Love NFL actually help in driving the sports league. But even with a couple of super teams name on the list, the name of the average team in a NFL means something year to year, which is something that doesn’t happen in NBA. In NFL, the teams play an unbalanced schedule where the weaker times in the last year can actually get weaker opponents and hence makes radical improvements in the points table. The teams go from worst to the first position in the NFL division. How often is it been seen in the NBA? Probably, none.

There’s a communal factor that works in the psychology of the Americans. Although they’ve claimed thoroughly to be a country free from racism, they’ve always ended up being so. Since there are too many black skinned people playing the NBA than the NFL, they prefer to watch the NFL and give it the standard of their own. There are multiple the Caucasians have always been the minority in the professional sports and have been so even in the present day scenario.

Keeping aside all these factors, being a NFL fan there’s no doubt about the fact that NFL has got a lot more viewership than NBA just because of the game itself. There’s too much of thrill and excitement that keeps it way ahead of any other games in America.