Blue Coat – A Market Leader In Enterprise Security

Blue Coat Systems is a leading and well-known provider of networking and security solutions for governments and global enterprises. The main mission of this company is to protect your enterprises from cyber threats. They assure you that you can reside in a safe network either in the mobile or cloud. Blue Coat secures and serves over more numbers of organizations day by day. The company is partnered with security and network operations team for addressing basic transfers in their computing landscape. It combines security, network and cloud technologies for enhancing security protection. Further, it reduces network impact and offer fully cloud services and applications. Blue Coat is recognized for cloud-scale originality in optimization solutions and data security. The former name of the Blue Coat is CacheFlow. Thoma Bravo firm acquired the company for certain investment and started to function as a private held company from December 2011. Further, Blue Coat sold to firm Bain Capital which is also a private equity by Thoma Bravo.

Worldwide services and Acquisitions

Symantec has obtained Blue Coat on June 13, 2016 for 4.65 billion. Blue Coat was founded in 1996 with the unique head office in Redmond, Washington. Jay Hoag and Rick Kimball of Technology Crossover Ventures spent in CacheFlow. More than 15,000 clients obtained products from Blue Coat in all over the world. At first, the products are used by hospitals, enterprises and public agencies to control access of malicious threats. Obtain advanced services for improving the performance of network applications. The company obtained Entera for gratifying the requirements of streaming technologies in 2000.

Once the Blue Coat entered into security market, it acquired various companies for improving extra functionality into its artifact assortment. Blue coat attained three companies from 2003-2006. In addition, Blue Coat shifted into the WAN optimization market and then it moved its acquisition with performance and caching technologies. Blue Coat acquired Packeteer, NetCache and S7 software solutions. Due to the expansion of product portfolio, the company refocuses its attainments into adjacent security markets. The company has announced it had obtained Perspecsys which is a key element of its CASB.

Reflection of new emphasis on enterprise security

Blue Coat is an industry leader in the field of enhanced enterprise security. The company altered its CacheFlow name to Blue Coat in 2002. The name was changed to create new prominence on venture security. The company spotlights strongly on innovations and enhancements. Further, it maintains development centers and various researches all over the globe. All sorts of facilities are available in Sunnyvale, California. In the recent years, Blue Coat has attained vital positive credit within the security industry and received many awards. Several kinds of awards are rewarded for Blue Coat for its excellence. The company can issue apparent man-in-the-middle certificates which are issued by Verisign. The certificate will not cause the browsers to caution about an unreliable connection. Blue Coat enhanced its attainments with more numbers of acquisitions in the worldwide. Advance the performance of network applications with the help of Blue Coat services and solutions.