8 Things You Know Only When You Have A Sister

Your sister is perhaps your best friend because she is your alter ego. Life that you are witnessing now has been experienced by her. Here is a list of some super special things your sister knows about you that no one else does.

Sister Brother

  1. All the distress you got into your high school were never known o our parents. In fact, your sister is probably the one who introduced you to most of it which is exactly why mom and dad will have no idea what really went down the one night they left town. Remember those days and get best rakhi gift for sister and surprise them.
  1. The list of girlfriends or boyfriends you never actually had or confessed to having is also known to her. No one, but no one, will ever find out about your secret crush on your shamefully good-looking second cousin except your sister. And — thanks to her incest jokes — she will always keep blackmailing you.
  1. She knows all about your allergic foods. Growing up in the same home means she knows a lot about your eating habits. She could even say what are things that make you go crazy even when she is deep asleep.
  1. She is perhaps the only one who knows all about your hidden passions but would never reveal to anyone. She will even go the extra mile and encourage you to go after all the elements of your dreams and desire. And regardless if you fail or succeed, she will still be the first person to support your rise back up.
  1. She is perhaps the only one who knows about your ugly crying face.Your sister has witnessed those out-of-control temper-tantrums that you dramatized, but wouldn’t dare commit in public. So, for that sister, send rakhi gifts from sister from FNP.
  1. She was, is, and will always be there for the blow out fights with your parents, the rejection letter from your first choice college and the time you broke your legs. She knows the actual reasons behind all these situations.
  1. What you really think about your other family members? She also holds the same views and sometimes may differ but she will never ever say these to anyone else. See, it’s a family code that you cannot speak anything bad of any relative to anyone outside the family. Luckily, you and your sister feel the exact same way about your naughty niece.
  1. Your full potential is always known to her. She knows what you are capable of and when you are selling yourself short. And she is the only one who will give you the tough love you need to push yourself to do better.